Warning on Atlas N Standard Remote Swithces

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Art Lamb, Feb 6, 2001.

  1. Art Lamb

    Art Lamb New Member

    I just wired up 6 remote switches on a part of my layout, and the motors burned up with in second of being connected. I did this by connecting the #56 switch control boxes with the little bus bars they include with them. The motors on 2 melted and the wires burned up too. At first I though that it was my fault and I had something laying on the switch to make it energize the turnout... but I found with my voltmeter that 2 of the 6 switch control boxes were allowing 2 volts to get to the turnout motors all the time.

    So be warned, and check yours before you install them with a voltmeter. I replaced the control switches and everything is now normal.

    I have contacted Atlas about this to see what they might say.
  2. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    Thanks for the warning, Art.
    I just installed Atlas switches, manuel and remote, 1standard, top of table and two under the table, with out the motors...now I'll wait before I hook them up...might even take them out and try to return them, used or not.
    Please post what info/reply you get from Atlas. Next time I'll buy the 'good' kind.
    Virginian :cool
  3. Art Lamb

    Art Lamb New Member

    I still have not heard from Atlas on this problem. They seem to be ignoring me on email so I may have to either call them on the phone, or go to their web board. I try not to put things like this on a web board of the manufacturer, but looks like Atlas doesn't care. I have sent 3 emails and no response.

  4. Art Lamb

    Art Lamb New Member

    Just heard from Atlas and they are going to make good on everything. So in the long run I'm Ok, and pleased that they would do this.

  5. BobMcD

    BobMcD Member


    That's good to hear. I have used Atlas products for about 40 years, and have always been impressed that they provide good value for the money, and a product line that seems to really consider a model railroader's needs, time, and budget.

    Glad they stood behind their product. I've always considered them "good guys" who have supported the hobby well.

  6. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    Well, that is good news, Art and Bob. I'll still buy some Peco turnout switches, but now I feel better about The Atlas twins, controllers,etc., etc. that I can easily get my hands on 'round here! I'm glad that worked out for ya! Thanks for the update.

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