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  1. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    As soon as I get my camera back, I will post the last pics of the lightning. I will then make a few more adjustments and a special display stand.
  2. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member


    This build is almost done. I have three techniques for framing the canopy.

    1. I build the acetate canopy, then I cut strips from a sticky label and build up the frame.

    2. I draw the frame on the sticky label and trim out the frame, then I place it over the clear acetate

    3. Same as above but I trim the frame after it has been attached to the clear acetate. This method is good but leaves a sticky residue that has to be cleaned off if you want a clear canopy without smudges.

    With this method, I edge the inside of the canopy with a strip of sticky label and then I can glue it to the cockpit without using superglue and incur the wrath of cloudy canopy.:wave::wave::wave::wave:

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  3. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    The end

    This is just about the end. There are a few more details that I will do to embellish this flyer, but I believe that I will continue the rest on the Sci-Fi side of the house. That Thunderbolt is next, I believe that I have enough background info to build it. Enjoy the pics:wave::wave::wave::wave:

    Strength and Honor

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  4. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Lightning on the pad

    The lightning needs a few more small details but for all practical purposes, it is finished.

    I constructed the landing pad and posted the build in the Sci-Fi section of this forum. Here is the lightning on the pad and a portion of my figures.

    The last one is a sheet of emblems.


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  5. Vortex_4200

    Vortex_4200 Member

    Awsome work!
  6. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Thank you Vortex, I hope that you enjoyed the build. I am still considering that Thunderbolt but I also have plans for my version of a Chimera.
  7. Kezn

    Kezn pwned in the dawn

    your work is awesome !
    and what kind of knife did you use?

  8. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    That sir, is a medical style surgical knife with a #11 surgical blade. It is beacoup sharper than an X-Acto knife. I have a daughter in the medical field and she aquires the knife and blades for me. You can also purchase them at micromark.com.
  9. Kezn

    Kezn pwned in the dawn

    thank silveroxide.
    I use the same blade too. they cost ~ 5$ a box of 100 in my ville.

    however I don't have that nice handle, I use an old bamboo chopstick.
  10. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Interesting that you mentioned the bamboo stick handle. I experimented with it a while back, it worked and I may try it it again, But at that time, I was using X-Acto blades.
  11. Rakene

    Rakene New Member

    Daymn, I need me at least a pair of them too. I'm gonna have way too much stuff for my next apocalypse game if all these cool models keep popping up. It just makes me sad that I have only my hands for transportation. D=

    Edit: Ahem, awesome work btw.
  12. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the comment. I am pleased that you like my works. There is a series on WK-40 I am working on but it will be a while before I start.:wave:
  13. Hats

    Hats New Member

    I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the series, especially if the rest of it is this high quality. Once I'm done with my Basilisk battery I'll have to make a couple of Lightnings just to try.
  14. kaeota

    kaeota New Member

    That is an awesome build! Did you use references for all the smaller details, or did you just wing it(pardon the pun)?
  15. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    It is a mixture of both but I did go to GW and used the resin model for many reference reference material.
  16. Technichen

    Technichen New Member

  17. jarell

    jarell New Member

  18. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, I have more Warhammer coming up in my new thread "Warhammer Armor and Things". I will attempt to build some of Patoroch's models and do some build threads on them, along with some of my insidious techniques. See you all there.
  19. Borchsenius

    Borchsenius New Member

    Another very impressive project, Cant wait to get startet myself.
  20. belleg01

    belleg01 New Member

    nice work.

    The skill people have on this forum is amazing i hope I can reach build something presentable soon.

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