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  1. CascadeOverload

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    Sorry ARMORMAN....should have worded that a bit different I guess. I love the detail in the paper /card models that all of you work so hard to design. And building them is definitely more challenging than the plastics are. Just wish that I could use the paper models for tourneys. GW kinda sucks for that one. My friends have no issue with it at all. In fact they love the fact that someone on such tight budget constraints like myself can at least build something that looks top notch and play. Just sucks that such beautiful models can't be used in actual GW gameplay. Hence why I said 'suffice'. No insult was ever intended m8... :oops:
  2. BigBadBull

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    Just tell them they are made out of card from GW-boxes, then they are made mainly out of GW products and should be allowed even in tournaments.[​IMG]


    yes, there was an incident at a tourney where a guy brought a land raider and it was card stock, they weren't going to allow it, but the owner argued that it was from GW material and turned it over to show the bottom of the box which had not been painted but was a GW miniatures box. It was allowed. Thing is, if you do a good enough job and say nothing of it, they probably wouldn't notice (especially if you're playing Apocalypse). Also the fact that they allow scratch megas like Titans and old casts not done by FW or GW really kind of puts a dent in their GW-only argument....
  4. Finnlock

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    As a cutomizer of Warhammer 40k stuff these are priceless. Much more cost effective then buying the GW kits only to cut them up.

    Hats off to you for these!
  5. Soulreaperlord

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    wlock yours gives patoroch's a run for his money,, and having looked at as many plans I have had looked at that is saying a lot
  6. wlock

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    i've redone most textures and corrected them on the model itself
    i think a version will be available soon to upload
    regarding the fact that you cannot use the model in tournaments i think there is a rule for that

    you can use the model as long as it has a certain % of GW parts, not sure how much. If you consider the amount of parts in a kit you can probably make several out of a single box by completing the paper model

    Is there anybody that can tell us more about that? just to give you an example, you can buy the pack for a leman russ for £8 and use the track parts i have here and that will be a full leman russ that would cost otherwise £25

    check the links bellow:
    the parts:

    the full model:
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    Looking forward to both your model releases. You've done a heck of a job. And the fact that they are darn near perfect in-scale that you can overlay the physical parts of the plastic kit and they pretty much match up is awesome!

    Kudos mate.

  8. poorleno

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    I was just wondering but are all of those made out of paper ?
  9. wlock

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    The base hull is finished, the pics are the test model.
    Now i'm doing the weapons and the optional parts

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  10. wlock

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    the image on the front door is just a test as well to measure the resolution and see if there is any distortion.
    all seems ok so far

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  11. fdisk42

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    I can't wait to get my hands on this model.
  12. Teg35

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    i think your work is great!! hope to hear about it again soon :) your tread is one of the main reasons why i check the forum everyday
  13. esturonet

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    Every day a look this forum, I surprise with your models. This land raider is incredible, it's a great job. I’ll be following your work here. Thanks.
  14. xanthra

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    What software did you use for this? It's great : )
  15. the_spartan_fury

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    The results get better and better! I'd love to have a crack at building them when they're finished. I'm sure i've said that before, but I mean it a lot more now!
  16. wlock

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    sorry for the lack of updates but my personal live got me away from modeling lately.
    I'll be back at it very soon.

    I'm thinking of releasing the raider after some cleanup on the parts since the weapons can be taken from other paper models, at least until i have time to make my own.

    Right now the main hull is ready along with the engine, so the only thing missing is the hatches and the front door, that should be fast to finish
  17. BigBadBull

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    looking forward to this, excellent work.
  18. the_spartan_fury

    the_spartan_fury Shadow Striker

  19. Teg35

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    nice to hear again from you wlok!! ...u made my day.... :)
  20. wlock

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    finally updated the textures and added the missing elements on the main module(central part).

    Below you got the final textures along with a preview of the ones i'll use for the weapons. I'm redoing all of the unfolding in papekura again since i had to change the size of some parts.

    As soon as i do a test i'll upload the main hull, then i'll start the weapons.

    I'm hopping the textures will be easy to modify to make different chapter colors and symbols and they can of course be changed in papekura viewer.

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