Warhammer 40k JetBike / Ing. Spendlik/ scale around 1:16

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Ing. Spendlik, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Ing. Spendlik

    Ing. Spendlik Member

    Dear all,
    my next project is model of Warhammer 40k JetBike (Master of RawenWing).
    I have bought original model from GW and transformed it to 3D using Rhinoceros 3D:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Model is in its BETA phase...current pictures of white model:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Stay tunned for updates :)


    I was wondering what happened to you....
  3. Ing. Spendlik

    Ing. Spendlik Member

    Small update, main frame of the handlebars.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Photos from builds are here.
  4. Cloud_Ratha

    Cloud_Ratha New Member

    No ways! That must be incredible to construct...
    So many awesome models here :)
  5. cyclonus

    cyclonus New Member

    Love it! Any templates yet?
  6. cerbere

    cerbere New Member

    Any news ??? I'm following this with a great interest.
  7. Sarduci

    Sarduci New Member

    Wow, I like it more than my metal one. Great job!
  8. aly

    aly New Member

    I like jetbikes, but especially yours.
  9. matzieq

    matzieq New Member

    A fantastic model... makes me want to play the Dark Angels :)
  10. Chrispysurfer

    Chrispysurfer Member

    So are you going to put a rider in there in the end? I wonder if you could retexture and kit bash the larger ultramarine model that's in the downloads? That would be really cool....
  11. Davidian Flynn

    Davidian Flynn New Member

    i play Dark Angels (my army have an other name, the "Broken Angels") but i love make my own vehicles, tank....and i made my jet bike....( you can see it here, but sorry it's not the best photography "http://davidian-flynn.skyrock.com/5.html"...)
    My ravenwing master is amputee, he has no legs because i hazvent legs when i made it.....hum....sorry for my english...i'm tired, and french ^^

    n.b: beautifull job, your jet bike is excelent!
  12. MIIK900

    MIIK900 New Member

    Awesome! All it's missing is a biker when it's done, but perhaps that may be another project altogether :confused:
  13. Patron_zero

    Patron_zero Member

    Looks like another model for me to consider up-scaling to kid-sized !
  14. Ing. Spendlik

    Ing. Spendlik Member


    at this stage it will be great just to finish this beast, Sammael (or maybe just some unknown SM) is in plan, but JetBike must be completed first. I have so little time for this, that it really goes "like on sled in Summer" (Slovak saying about slowly things :) ).

    I hope I can post some pics of instructions this weekend (just to show that I am working on it). Talking about numbers (still in WIP...about 60% completed, no front shield, no wings...):

    Pages A4: 6
    No. of parts: over 260 (some numbers are used for more than 1 part so I quess real number of parts is above 300)
    End date: ....N/A.... :)

    Model will be free published in vectors, in .pdf and at the moment I am not planning to release it as a coloured model, just white one - but this should changed after I finished the whole white model.

    Ing. Spendlik
  15. Ing. Spendlik

    Ing. Spendlik Member

    Small progress...but only in my computer. Second part of instructions have been completed.


    Update soon (I hope).

    Ing. Spendlik
  16. cerbere

    cerbere New Member

    I'll hope we could see the rest of your work quickly.
  17. Lord Manimal

    Lord Manimal Member

    I take it you're not doing this in papekura? if so, will you be releasing a PDO file as well?

    VERY excited about this model! Please keep at it for us!
  18. CascadeOverload

    CascadeOverload New Member

    This, like most things 40k are on my project following list. Great work so far and really looking froward to seeing the completed model m8!! Once I get a bit better at papercraft this will be one to add to my list of projects.
  19. Finnlock

    Finnlock New Member

    Of yes, this is epic. I really would love to mod this for my custom, non playable SoB army! Any more progress?
  20. Soulreaperlord

    Soulreaperlord New Member

    All I can say is WOW. I have seen a lot of jet bike builds over the last two years or so but this is ridiculously good. Have you casting molds of these?

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