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  1. daishi

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    Actually the model is from DoW2 so the UVs are the same, unfortunately as far as i could tell DoW 2 uses grey textures and colour shaders, so takes some work to make new textures.
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  3. daishi

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    Hi there all didn't want to start a new topic, so I guess ill just hijack my own previous one :)

    So the Smurf (Ultramarine) Plasma Devastator is almost finished, and since I've took some pics for a friend, i might as well share it here

    Ultramarine Veteran (Plasma Devastator) - 01

    Ultramarine Veteran (Plasma Devastator) - 02
    Ultramarine Veteran (Plasma Devastator) - 03
    Ultramarine Veteran (Plasma Devastator) - 04

    I need to make some purity seals and other minor ornaments to finish it.
    The whole weapon system is detachable btw. and Ive made a template for a Combi-Plasma similar u can see here and intend to make it interchangeable with the heavy plasma gun if some1 want a more "conventional" space marine. (devastator chevron is in the texture thou, for ppl who want tactical marines)

    Speaking of editing textures, ill upload my texture work-files too, when I judge the model ready.
    The work-files have the markings on separate layers, and the coloring is done trough a color filter layer, so ppl shouldn't have too much problem making space marines from different chapters.


    The Smurf looks nice!
  5. Vortex_4200

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    Awsome work!!
  6. Sanginus

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    Wow, the Marine turned out really great. How tall is the figure?

    Thank you for the great pictures, I look forward to the finished model.

    Hope it's later, also an experimental texture in red thereby :)
  7. daishi

    daishi Member

    Finished and uploaded
    Model Download

    The figure is 30 cm tall, (26.5 cm without the plasma power pack)

    Texture work-files also uploaded so making different colour-scheme should be easy.
  8. Sanginus

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    It's huge, great work, thank you!

    for me it is the first great model in 2012!!

    I find great that we can edit the textures also
    I'm curious how many different models here
    :) emerge

    wish you a happy new year
  9. daishi

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    The editable textures are mostly thanks to Relic. the textures in DoW2 are basically grayscale and the game uses the shaders to color it, so when i ripped the model i got a bunch of gray textures, i had to colour anyway, i thought, why not upload it. Especially considering how many ppl there are who doesn't like the smurfs. I myself like Space Wolves best as a SM chapter, but as a colour scheme the Vet. UM colouring is on the top of my list.

    Speaking of Space Wolves, My next WH40k project will be a Space Wolf Terminator (with Lightning Claws) and I've found a great reference picture too. But i simply cant find a good pic from their Crux Terminatus (the wolf skull version) if some1 finds one, plz share. (puppy eyed look)

    But before that, ill make this. :)

    Happy new year!

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