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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by FlareBaffled, Jan 19, 2008.

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  2. kevo

    kevo Member

    some outstanding paper models, I am looking forward to building some of them many thanks


  4. the_spartan_fury

    the_spartan_fury Shadow Striker

    It's not a Patoroch model, but I'm building a Rhino. I've just got back into paper modelling, now that i have a ream of 160gsm paper (cost £8). I still have lots of scraps of 1mm plasticard, but which would be better for thick bits: that or cereal box card? I'm using superglue to assemble it, so no worries about it not sticking.
    On another note, I able to sort out Dawn of War scenery. I mentioned it a while ago, but couldn't find any in the files, but now I'm using Firestorm Over Kronus, the Uber Painter DC mod and 3D Ripper DX, along with 3DS Max. If you want anything (in pretty much any colour scheme), PM or e-mail me.





    bio titan would be nice....
  7. the_spartan_fury

    the_spartan_fury Shadow Striker

    Armorman, as far as I'm aware, there are no bio-titans in the Tyranid Mod, which is my best bet at getting you one from Dawn of War. I don't have DoW2, and I'm sure there weren't any in that either. If you point me to a Dark Crusade mod which includes a bio-titan, I'll get the mod, rip it, and send it to you. But as it stands, I can't help you.
    I agree, it would be cool, but I'd rather not model from scratch tbh, especially something like that...


    Grab what you can, then post the files as any and all would be appreciated. :)
  9. the_spartan_fury

    the_spartan_fury Shadow Striker

    Well, at the moment, I'm fixing up most of the major space marine buildings in raven guard colours, a couple of tau and eldar buildings and vehicles in T'au and Ulthwe respectively, and I think a few necron things. when they're cleaned up, i'll post them in one way or another.
  10. pastru79

    pastru79 New Member

    we need warlod titan or the gargant. there are warlord titan and gargant in a old epic video game. could you do them in paper model.i think there is a tyranid bio titan as well in this game as a patch.
  11. the_spartan_fury

    the_spartan_fury Shadow Striker

    Over at the BWC archive, Fiore Hellheart's done some Warlord templates, I don't know about a Gargant, but I'll look into that game, pastru (oh and welcome to the forum). Any idea what it's called?
  12. pastru79

    pastru79 New Member

    i have done some of fiora warlord. but its not the same as the old warlord. as for the game its warhammer 40000 epic final liberation. there is a movie about a gargant walking and you could probaly download the game for free on internet.
  13. the_spartan_fury

    the_spartan_fury Shadow Striker

    I had a very quick look over the demo I found on Filefront. Are you sure those models are 3d? Looking at the age of the game and how the models moved, it may be that they are just images of the models at 45 degree intervals. I have Total Annihilation, which I think is about the same age, and the 3d quality there is extremely basic.
  14. Dangersaurus

    Dangersaurus New Member

    They're 2D sprites.

    There are a couple of epic-scale (low detail) gargant templates floating around on one of the Epic 40k fan sites.


    Epic Gargant

    Original site is dead (though accessible through Wayback).

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  16. pastru79

    pastru79 New Member

    i have tried to open the file but it wont work. its say it cant locate the file. on a another subject. does anyone have some picture of the citadel journal 16 for the minotor afv .it would be great to built a armored car .
  17. BigBadBull

    BigBadBull New Member

    a gargant would be great, as would a bio titan - the imperial forces get all the love :curse:
  18. Noddy4000

    Noddy4000 New Member

    So many models, not enough time or energy! :curse:

    Having said that, I have a thing for large scale modelling so I took FlareBaffled's Dreadnought download and had a brief play-around with it, so it's now an approximate 1/8 scale. Going to have a go soon at doing the original print off version as a tester piece - and my first ever proper effort at a paper model.

    Think some of these tanks are crying out for my attention too. :mrgreen:

    Many thanks indeed to those of you clever/skilled/patient enough to create these amazing models! I'll try to do them justice.
  19. Grindar

    Grindar Member

    There appears to be a small error in chimera iv, or I'm an idiot. Both could be true.
    On the front armor, where it's split into two pieces, the flap that goes between the two pieces is skewed too far, it's too thick at the top, and the bottom should be more square, not skewed. Or I completely misinterpreted that whole assembly.

    And when I printed it, the newest chimera was a good deal smaller (not an imperial guard player, so if someone could give me the width between the insides of the track pods I could get close enough on scale).

    Might start a Leman Russ tonight, for kicks.
  20. japanfilipino

    japanfilipino New Member

    would love to see

    would love to see more tau vehicles I know there is the devilfish but maybe an orca, tigershark, or manta... in pdo form? lol
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