Warhammer 40K Armour

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by FlareBaffled, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. YFedor

    YFedor New Member

    Tnx for links
  2. afcgooners

    afcgooners New Member

    wow this is gonna help me build a cheap army!
  3. Vahmp

    Vahmp Member

    Just out of curiosity....

    Which ones of these DL's are aircraft-like, or helo-like models?


    Landspeeders, valkarie are flyers (well, the speeders are hovercraft....sort of) and the pirana, and devilfish are hovercraft
  5. JJD

    JJD New Member

    Just a note to thank one and all who've posted models for download or put construction photos up on here.

    My daughter is now officially into WarHammer big time, after me waiting to see if it would pass.

    So you can guess what I've been roped into making forever more.......
  6. Vahmp

    Vahmp Member

    Thanks for the info ArmorMan.:thumb:
  7. Vahmp

    Vahmp Member


    I guess this means......

    WOO HOO!!!!! Another modeling enthusiest is born!!!!!
    This means we all have another generation of modelers to hand down the torch to!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  8. cyclonus

    cyclonus New Member

    These are great thanks for the great work
  9. Harlequin_HK

    Harlequin_HK New Member

    Thanks for the updates on new models!! been looking all over trying to find a good source for the new releases. More to add to my to-build list now! Thanks again!


  11. Harlequin_HK

    Harlequin_HK New Member

    Thanks again Armorman!
  12. Chrispysurfer

    Chrispysurfer Member

    Well now all we need is a to scale Space Marine model!!!
    Thanks Armor man. I am loving your models.
    Current build: Rhino Mk2


    I am not the designer, just passing on the links. I did design a scaled Terminator and it should still be in the DL section.
  14. Arsen NonLupin

    Arsen NonLupin New Member

    One question about links above. It is patoroch? What about detail level, can anybody paste any photos of builded models? Because for me is VERY hard to download from deposit anything (common IP for about 2000 users of my provider)/
  15. can't_decide

    can't_decide New Member

    The work on here is amazing. I'll take some time to get some of the pics of my 40k work put up here. Have to get them off my storage drive. I'm definitely using this site more!
  16. Harlequin_HK

    Harlequin_HK New Member

    Armorman, you may not be the designer, but I (we?) am /(are) grateful to you for uploading the links anyways! Thanks! props to the designer too if he/she reads this board.
  17. crates

    crates New Member

    This is definatly one of my all time favourite threads, i've made several of the models from here, the leman russ and dreadnought from Flarebaffled and recently a host of 50% scale tanks from Amormans links.
    I like that the pdf has a coloured and an outlines only template, provides a wealth of customisation options.

    Thanks for the hard work Flarebaffled and those links armorman.
  18. Patron_zero

    Patron_zero Member


    That would make a really cool kid-sized cardboard playmobile !


  20. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member


    Flarebaffle. Thank you for this thread which has become the unofficial Warhammer thread for this forum.

    , thank you for all of the downloads of Warhammer armor and things. I got a lot on my plate right now but I found time to do the Sentinel The detail is outstanding and I laminated the parts to the thickness of the plastic model. The legs are heavily laminated to thickness to give it some support and to be able to use it for gaming. The trickiest parts were the footpads. Since it did not have a ball socket, I laminated the parts thick enough to simulate the socket and then I sanded it as round as possible to be able to hold the weight and to be handled for gaming also.

    Here are a few pictures of the plastic model which I used for reference and the paper model.I will get around to doing a separate build thread on Warhammer armour later on. It took me one day to build this model to this stage. It needs the guns and few more small details but the white version gave me enough info for the color build. See you all later in my future thread , Warhammer armor and things.:wave::wave::wave:

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