Warhammer 40K Armour

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by FlareBaffled, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Love to see the two of them side by side.


  3. Teg35

    Teg35 New Member

    ty!! keep them coming!!:thumb: awesome models!!:eek:
  4. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Truly an awesome collection of Armour, with nice clean build lines! Ample opportunity to print in white for manual repaints (and customization) or to break out GIMP and texture manually to match regiment colors.




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    On to something more Orky...


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  6. the_spartan_fury

    the_spartan_fury Shadow Striker

    i don't know if it's been mentioned here before, but does anyone know any good sites for 40k blueprints? dow model (correction: firestorm over kronus model, dow models rarely work in my 3ds max) extraction is all well and good, but the original meshes (ork, chaos, sm, eldar) were poor, and the FoK models are a little complex. also, i can build and personalise models a lot easier from blueprints. imperial armour books through scribd seem a good start, but i've looked through volume 2 and the taros campaign ones, but there are only a few views for each craft. this is not particularly helpful.

    PRO-PAIN New Member

    I Just found the old warhammer models, but can't get extra weapons
  8. the_spartan_fury

    the_spartan_fury Shadow Striker

    what do you mean by "old warhammer models"?


  10. Falsemuzzle

    Falsemuzzle New Member

    i've just convinced a good friend of mine to try card modeling thanks to you guys. we have both been playing 40K for years now (and watched the prices for GW models skyrocket), so now he can enjoy both hobbies at once and save some loot. now he just might quit talking junk about my paper models. :p
  11. Vahmp

    Vahmp Member

    Hi Guys,

    I was looking at the models in this thread... (Very KOOL BTW!)
    I noticed, that there were complaints about image quality from some digy cam.

    Just an FYI to help get better quality pics from regual cheap Digy Cams.

    (Mods; If ya think this isn't the place for this tip? Feel free to move it to where is proper.)

    If you have a cheap DC, and it takes blurry pics, use a magnifing glass in front of the lens of the cam.

    You'll be SURPRISED at how much the quality of the photo/image will improve!

    (Note; experiment with distance.... between cam and magnifing glass, and photo subject and combination of cam and glass, until you get your desired foto)
  12. Cloud_Ratha

    Cloud_Ratha New Member

    Big fan of warhammer 40K keep it coming!! :)
  13. Chrispysurfer

    Chrispysurfer Member

    So this will be the first time I have posted pictures of a model I have built and it is because the quality of these models is so high. I love Warhammer 40k and although I could never afford the hobby, having these in paper is a dream.
    So without further ado, here is my landspeeder in Dark Raven colors.....
    So there were a little issues with warping on the box part on the back, and the guns were insanely hard small folds. Any tips on making that sharper I will take them
    You can see from the front that this is a well thought out model. I really like the look of it. And this was only 2 pages!!!
    So this last little bit is something the model doesn't actually include. It comes with a base, just like the 40k models, but it had nothing on the bottom of the model to attach too. So luckily I had some scrap pieces, and cut out one with a double eagle Aquila on it. It makes for a nice place to put the stand and looks like it should be there as well.
    Lastly, from some pictures, you can see that I tried to use a black marker to finish the white edges. Any other ideas or tips on finishing? Please let me know as I am tackling a Raven Guard Rhino next......
    Loving these models guys....

  14. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Quote from Chrispysurfer: Lastly, from some pictures, you can see that I tried to use a black marker to finish the white edges. Any other ideas or tips on finishing? Please let me know as I am tackling a Raven Guard Rhino next......

    Do the edging first before gluing. The sharpie sometimes cannot reach into the small crevices. If there are any tabs, colored them as well up to the leading edge of the models color.
  15. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    That is a great model!

    You can also use a fine detail brush and paint on a color closer to your desired finish. Citadel paint (thinned a little with water) is fluid enough to slip into the cracks and the brush fine enough to avoid too much edging errors; I assume of course that with a 40K hobby comes a box of various paints and brushes... If not, I think ordinary crafting acrylic would work as well, at least on paper.
  16. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Also an assortment of gray markers/pencils works well. If you don't have an exact color match use a lighter color rather than darker. Edge coloring before assembly works better for me.


  18. Nathnem

    Nathnem New Member

    Any one working on a Marauder Destroyer


  20. grifco2000

    grifco2000 Member

    Great stuff

    Love these. Can't thank all of you enough for sharing these. Armourman, my cadets ( A youth group) love the black templars stuff. We are making them as a mascot as our badge is the same. thankss again!!!:eek:
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