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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by FlareBaffled, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    A lot of ForgeWorld models are variants. A few new parts to join existing parts together, and the rest are bitz from other models. The mega bolters on the Macharious are the same ones on their warhound model. It does give their models a more consistent look, though.

    And having bought a resin model or two from them, I can attest to their great customer service and high quality. It's just the price that's ouchie.

    As for the Manta . . . it's beyond my scope of abilities. Actually, so's the Orca.

    And after seeing Doc's Baneblade under construction, I HAVE GOT TO GET MORE FREAKING INK!!!!
  2. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    A fullsized Manta would be a challenge! Not sure if it is something I would get around to building....but an Orca is not impossible.
  3. Grindar

    Grindar Member

    My baneblade in progress got squished by a rogue textbook. I'll have to restart, probably just wait on the variant pieces. Have plenty of other stuff to work on anyways, let alone a paper model...Like this 8 bit computer I started designing, or my suit of maille...the list goes on, I tell ya.

    Ah, right, the reason I quoted Kjev: It makes sense for Forge World to reuse modules like that, especially given the context of the 40k universe. They're basically just plugging together STC modules. Why develop and design a new bolter turret when you have one that already works and is easily produced in mass quantities?
  4. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Ouch! (No Pun intended.) I think my last paper model ran into a 2-year old. The kid or the puppy I can't tell, but it dertainly went from 3D to 2D.

    True, and I wholly agree. At the same time the cheap part of me looks at it and says "You want $XXX for that? All it is is Unit A with Unit B's turret on top!"

    At the same time, the developer part of me says, "Yeah, and look at the greeblies. Do you realize how much time (which equals money) it took to make all that?"

    So I do agree, and again, I do love their models. Just wish they'd A) be cheaper, and B) have an American-based arm to save on shipping.

    Also again, whatever the cost, their models are well-worth it, and the customer service is really good. But paper models will end up forming the backbone of my army, since there are a lot of paper models out there I'd like that don't exist in the resin world. THANKS ALL YOU DESIGNER TYPES!:thumb:
  5. Grindar

    Grindar Member

    Resin casting is neither easy nor cheap, unfortunately. Molds only last so long, and are relatively expensive to make, especially in the quantities they produce.

    As far as saving on shipping, I've been informed that my local Battle bunker carries a lot of FW stuff (I live near memphis), though I've yet to have an excuse to go, visit, and buy stuff...Focusing on starting a Warmachine army right now.

    Yeah, yet another reason I hate accounting :|
  6. greatmoose

    greatmoose New Member

    So what is the chance at getting a 3 3/4 scale standard marine, Armorman? The termi is AWESOME...

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Have a prototype, have not had time to testbuild...much more complex than the Termi...
  8. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Space marines . . . BAH HUMBUG

    :flush1: on the Spaced Marines! Tau are way cooler! And not nearly as oboxious as the Xenophobic Emperor-worshipping gene-freaks.:mrgreen:

    Okay, I'm a Dawn of War player, not a 40K guy, and the Tau and Imperial Guard are my favorite races to play. Got to admit though, the Termie is an awesome model. Not sure if my sausage fingers could ever assemble it decently though.
  9. TonyG2

    TonyG2 Member

    I don't do any gaming these days - not enough time in the day to fit in modelling, gaming and real life (to be honest these days its pretty much limited to real life and then thinking about modelling...) but I have a fair stash of 40K figures an vehicles to build and paint. But I switch back and forth between Tau, Imperial Guard and Eldar (with a number of side trips into the realms of Space marines, Orks, Necrons, Dark Eldar and Chaos Marines).

    I've pretty much given up on the metal figures and stick to plastic - much easier to make modifications.

    Right now Im focusing on the Tau. The clean lines and high tech designs are a welcome relief from years of gloomy gothic chains, skulls and embossed scrolls...
  10. archangel1

    archangel1 Member

    This is a bit off-topic but, is it just me or do others think that WH/WH40K is becoming more heavily weighted to the 'dark' side? Every time GW reworks their various armies, Chaos and the other 'evil' races seem to ramp up physically. Demons get more powerful, Orcs/Orks get stronger, Dark Elves/Eldar get faster, etc. And, how on earth can anybody really combat the Tyrannids? Humans? Ah, give 'em a bigger gun or a new tank.
    I don't game (I do buy most of the novels and army books, though) so I don't know how the changes work on the table but, just from outward appearances, it looks like humans are deliberately being 'thrown to the wolves'. Is there 'light at the end of the tunnel' or am I imagining things? :confused:

  11. think-floyd

    think-floyd Member

    I dunno about that Mike, I think the Space marines have been overpowered for a long time. While marines are a very well rounded army, i think many of the alien armies are better suited to specialised tactics, eg. hit and run with eldar, swamping the enemy with hundreds of weak units with orcs and termies, or strategic play with guard etc. It's all balanced out by the points system of the tabletop game, so while someone can take a powerful demon as chaos, I might be able to field a leman russ or a predator for the same points. I don't play very often, but i still like to keep up with the fluff :)
  12. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Actually, I'm a Battletech player. That's Classic Battletech, y'all, not the Mechwarrior: Dark Age stuff. I liked the universe and the story line, right up until FASA died and WhizKids took over. I admit, Warhammer 40K has much better miniatures, fantastic details, and certainly better marketing. And the universe is . . . interesting in a grim "everyone's going to die" sort of way.

    While it's one of the most popular games, one reason I've never played it is because it was so dark, with daemons, evil elvses (I don't care what time period, the skinny pointy-eared dudes are elves), and xenophobic narrow-minded emperor-worshipping humans. I'm not into evil armies, royalty worship, and sticking living beings into machines to make them run.

    It's one reason I like the Tau, other than their looks. The greater good encompasses all races. (Subservient to the Tau, of course)

    Now with that in mind, I LOVE Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghost novels. And I had even started collecting a small army of Tau with Guard mercenaries. Maybe someday I'll grudgingly play a game.

    How do paper models fall into this? Heh heh heh. Where do you think I was going to get my considerable armor, air, and mecha assets from?:twisted:

    ARMORMAN Guest

  14. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    HOLY BAT CRAPMAN!! I'm . . . . well, out of words. It's Just beautiful, Armorman. Brings a tear to my eye, fear to the enemy's. . . . and definitely a centerpiece model. You ought to send some pics to Games Workshop. They may even hire you.
  15. archangel1

    archangel1 Member

    It's quite an impressive build, for anything, let alone paper. That being said, overall, I don't like it! It's over-engineered, much too 'spiky' and doesn't seem quite 'canon'. It might work for Chaos but I don't think the Adeptus Mechanicus would waste all that time with the gingerbread, considering the extra effort it would need, when they really should be concerned with getting it ready for the field. Don't like the weapon layout, either.
    I can't deny the builder's talent or dedication but, sorry, it just doesn't work for me.
  16. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Yeah, the spiky bitz may not be canon, but DANG that thing is awesome! Does anyone know if it's available for download anywhere?

    I can always not build the spikes and so forth.
  17. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    So whilst Warhound Titans abound out there, has anyone ever considered the big brother?

    You know, the Imperial Warlord? Personally, that is my all-time favorite Titan. I know some 28mm versions have been scratch built, but I have no idea if there are patterns out there anywhere.


    ARMORMAN Guest

    I know that there are at least two versions of the Reaver available. But I don't recall any Warlord....
  19. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    If you have some decent refernce materials nad pictures for a Warlord, I might take it on.... I have been looking for an excuse to get back into Warhammer modelling and finish off some of the things I started.... this might be just the nudge I need!
  20. steve2765

    steve2765 New Member

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