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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by FlareBaffled, Jan 19, 2008.

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    ARMORMAN Guest

    Stormsword. Looks good!
  2. Switched

    Switched Recidivist

    Flarebaffled, you are so kicking butt and taking names with this series of models. There aren't enough superlatives to describe what you are creating. :thumb:
  3. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    Since the difference between a Shadowsword, Stormsword and Stormblade is really just the weapon and the small sponson turrets....it will be all 3! I plan to release it with a selection of gun options. There will be a 'main hull' PDO, and a set of option PDO's depending on what variant you want to make.

    The textures for the Baneblade series have been done in a pale neutral grey, and I plan on doing some extra texture sets for the whole range by tinting and colouring it if people want this. The colours would cover the whole set, which is around 5 or 6 textures in all.
  4. shiftdel

    shiftdel Member

    Hey FlareBaffled, did you think about creating an alpha channel for the texture, so you can change colors and patterns freely without have to change the texture file every time?
  5. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    Shiftdel, what I have done with the Baneblade texture is to seperate the 'colour' and the fixed layers. Things like gun barrels and exhaust stacks, which would stay the same colour on different schemes are seperate. That way, I can tint, recolour or lay on strips of colour with varying levels of transparency over the neutral background.

    The painted hull areas are in a neitral tone, which can easily be colour tinted in photoshop without losing the detail.

    Insignia and markings can be added to the 'unpainted' layer which sits above the camo layer. I have tested it...and it will work well to allow painting in various schemes. I am going to go back to the tank hunter and leman russ and do the same there. It will mean, sadly, a lot of re-work on the textures...but I think it will be worth it!

    Creating an alpha channel in the texture is not needed ... photoshop's layering does the same thing. When you have finished the texture, you save it as a bitmap file, which loses the layering but creates a texture file that Pepakura will handle nicely.

    Once I have finished the current phase of work and got the Warhammer file section up and running properly ( Cgutzmer has created it for me, but there are a load of files stuck in the queue to move there ) I will upload a load of texture sets for the models.
  6. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    Been buy today, and managed to finsih the build and textire for the Stormsword. Looking quite nice!


    Also making the Stormblade at the moment, before making the final variant. Then we will have the full set of Imperial super-heavies :thumb:

    I also have some more texture variants to put up for the basic Baneblade. There is a desert one, a blueish camo one, and a green camo and green base one. It's easy to do once you have the start point!

    On the Rhino front, I have had to redesign of the tracks. The original design was too fiddly, so I have come up with something simpler.
  7. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

  8. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    These are some of the option colours for the Baneblade:


    I plan to get these uploaded in a few days for those of you who have downloaded the baneblade, and fancy it in a different set of camouflage. There are some limits as to what I can do with the schemes due to mirroring of some of the textures, but there is enough scope to make it look OK.
  9. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    your 3dmesh's texture is incredible...how can you make that incredible texture?
  10. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    Logos and detail are taken from some retexturing work I did for Dawn of War. The rest is done with a combination of photoshop and my all time favourite tool .... the Graphics Tablet! I can't describe how much better that is to work with than a mouse. When you are trying to make weathering or rough blending, a pen is just natural. I used to do a lot of painting and sketching before I discovered PC's, and good tablet is so nice. Curves and straight lines with a mouse are both problems, and shading with a mouse was always a chore. Pick up a pen, and the end product gets so much better. Not cheap... but then good things rarely are!

    Out of town for a couple of days, but when I get back I will be doing a neutral grey scheme for the LeMan Russ set so I can do some schemes for that too.

    When current projects are done, next in line is the Chimera hull set. And some Dreadnought variants .... for Chaos.
  11. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    I have the midsized Bamboo tablet from Wacom. It's half the price of the earlier models and yes... I agree. 100x better for pushing pixels around. I highly suggest picking up one if your serious about digital graphics.
  12. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    There is usually quite a brisk trade on E-Bay for older higher spec Wacom kit, and it is worth giving that route a try. Ignore the really cheap end of things. I have seen some very cheap ( £35 ish ) ones out there, but they lack a lot of the features you are going to want. I ended up buying a smaller tablet than I wanted to get the quality in terms of the tablet equivalent of resolution and the pressure sensitive detail. That means when you press the stylus down harder, you get a thicker blacker line ... sounds obvious, but the better tablets do this a lot better.

    Now...back to the work of building!!!
  13. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    I shelled out $260 for mine I think. The regular Wacom Tablets before the bamboo series of this size retailed easily for double that. The reason they are cheaper now is that Wacom is gambling on the stylus feature in Vista. I think the regular tablets get 256 levels of pressure.
  14. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    OK, only a small update this time, since building time has been a little short of late!

    Progress on the Rhino is going well. I have built the first set of Mk2 tracks, and they have gone together nicely enough. The end result is acceptable, and I have started work on building the other side ready to take the hull.

    the hull section is modelled and UV mapped, and just needs the texture finishing off before unfolding. I have made the top section of the hull a seperate stick on flat sheet, which will make conversions for Whirlwinds etc. a whole lot easier. For the inventive, you could probably use magnets to attach the sheet, and have instant swapping of tops! Not something I will be doing...but possible!

    I expect to have this finished some time next week, all being well.

    The Shadowsword unwrapping has begun, with the initial parts placed, and all the detail bits to do. This vehicle is then going to be ready for a test build. Along with this kit, you will need the basic baneblade sections for trackpods. Alll the rest is included in the Shadowsword PDO file. As for the Baneblade, there will be some texture variations uploaded for those that want them.

    Modelling work is also well underway for the other 2 Baneblade variants. They will be quicker to build, since they are essentially using the same hull, with changes to the guns, sponson weapons and minor detail. Should not take too long to assemble. Once I have test built the hull for the Shadowsword, I will release that. I know the trackpods build OK!

    Then, all I need to do is testbuild the detail changes before I can release the other variants.

    In the meantime, I need to drop Cgutzmer a pm and ask him to move the Baneblade and LeMan russ stuff into the Warhammer download section, and to add in a picture to the Baneblade download. Everything else is now gathered there from the stuff I built.

    Next update will have pictures!
  15. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    OK...pictures were promised...and pictures you shall have :thumb:

    The testbuild of the Rhino is all but complete, and with a few minor tweaks to the textures, she is ready for release.


    The layering on the front and top has gone very well, and I am pleased with the results here. The tracks have also worked very nicely indeed.


    It doesn't show all that well here, but the interior is textured, but not detailed. It was a bit fiddly to line up the doors, but it works well enough, and having the doors open is a nice option. You could always leave out the interior and glue the doors closed if you wanted to simplify the build. Just don't cut the holes inthe sidepods and glue the outer door skin over the top of the cutout spot.

    All I have to do now is finish the wheels and tracks for the left hand side, glue the left trackpod on and it is done. I need to add some Ultramarine logos to the side of the texture, and it will be released for general consumption.

    Already started the modelling for the Whirlwind, Razorback etc.

    I plan on making a turret base which will also take the weapons I am making as add-ons for the basic Rhino kit. This makes emplacements from teh same bolters, missiles etc. Happy with this so far!
  16. Alcides

    Alcides Member

    very , very nice. Really great. I just need time to build this incredible models.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Check these Eldar Titans created by GreaterEldaneech over at BWC archive:

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  18. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    Hmm...I think I am going to have to schedule a Titan into my plans sometime sooner rather than later....
  19. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    Very Nicely done flare...
  20. FlareBaffled

    FlareBaffled Member

    OK...shortage of reference material on these Titans.... No problem to do a Warhound, but the rest are thin on the ground. Forgeworld has some nice shots of a couple of Eldar ones as well, but other than that, the reference pics are scarce :cry:

    Well...first I will finish the Rhino variants and unfold the other Imperial Super-Heavies, then I will get looking for serious!
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