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    officially i'm the armor forum moderator. for reasons listed in that forum, armor seems the neglected step-child for paper modelers. it was an easy step to market to war-gamers since it is the primary reason i started modeling/designing with paper. there are MANY force choices to battle with in 1/72 scale and it is rather inexpensive so the scale choice was easy too. my site is.....
    a couple freebies, most at 2.50 usd. i'll be changing the freebies soon.

    a russian site with free models. these are VERY detailed for their scale.

    yoshi's paper tanks are very nice. most come uncolored but free.

    paper resources for a variety of gaming scales.

    more paper resources for war gaming.

    chip has MANY buildings, some free. most in HO scale but easily scaled up.

    lou coatney's site has some board war games but also some small scale naval models which are very good. all free.

    this list is not complete but a good start. c.b.
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    All my buds were into wargaming in a serious way back in the mid-eighties..Al Stewart's 'Roads to Moscow' playing in the background...
    I should have joined in but old vices had me looking in other directions.
    One thing I did play over and over again was the old computer based
    'Road War' on the trusty apple 2+ and the paper based Car Wars

    It would be pretty neat to see some models develop from some of those old games as imagination was key. When Road Warrior came out in the theatres it put alot of what was in the mind's eye on the silver screen.

    I can see highly detailed 1:24 school buses with gun ports, armor plating,
    jerry cans stacked all over the place and the roof piled high with pillaged
    spare tires...

    Thanks for pulling me back in time Nebeltex :)

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    the power droid escapes the sandcrawler

    cardmodels designed for the star wars games ranging from terrain pieces to participatory models. go to RPG


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