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  1. Here's a couple of pics of the warehouse I recently completed to add to my industrial section of my layout. It is the Walthers refrigeration kit, but I built it as a flat with a false back to make it appear twice as big as the normal kit. I added sheet styrene to make up the extra 1/2 roof area required, and then used some various pieces from my spare parts bin for some roof details. It's mounted on 1/4 tempered masonite for easy moving.


  2. pttom

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    Nice, Eddie
  3. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Very effective use of that kit! All of the doors make it a convincing railroad structure.
  4. jim currie

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    :thumb: :thumb:
  5. Tyson Rayles

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    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  6. CN1

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    Beautifull as usual:thumb: :thumb:
  7. Arlaghan

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    Very very nice! Those stairs on the side really draw the eye with all the detail! Kudos! :D
  8. jon-monon

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    Looks good! Schmardt use of the A/C too. Probably help hire in key LPB management, and when they find out the AC has only half the capacity it appears to have, they'll already be locked in :)
  9. N Gauger

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    Great Work!! Raelly Nice! :)

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