War of the Worlds

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    @Art Decko: Excellent idea for the tentacles. I'll give the roll-up approach a try. As for time required to texture this...this thing has sat idle for months, and will continue to do so for more months. Take your time...and when you feel like it, give it a crack. I haven't even printed out and built a blank copy yet...its still just a mesh.

    @pantherbug: Thanks for that link...I'd never seen those images before. Very cool. The novel described the heat ray as a sort of "boxlike" thing rather than a cannon, like the gas gun in those pictures. I'll look back at the text descriptions and see what I can come up with.
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    The Cut and Paste Scifi address will give you the "milkstool" version you are looking for.
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    "official" and "authorized" ??

    War of the Worlds, like most of HG Wells wonderful stories is in the 'public domain' in most countries. The exception is in the European Union, Paramount claims they own it. This case is not yet resolved.

    Download at Project Gutenberg. - http://www.gutenberg.org/catalog/

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