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  1. I would like to model a scene from the War of the Worlds - the demise of the HMS Thunderchild. I have downloaded the Martian tripod model already, and am looking for a suitable ship to represent the Thunderchild. The model ship would have to be pretty small - 4 inches long or so. I want to do it all in paper, utilizing Photoshop to make a convincing ocean. Does anyone know of a smallish warship model that might fit the bill? Here is an attached image of what I want to recreate in 3D


    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I was thinking of using the digital navy Dreadnought or maybe the torpedo boat Downloads It might involve some shrinking or enlarging but I think its doable. Its one of the many things I haven't got round to doing.
  3. Thanks for the link Gixergs. The Dreadnought might be a possibility, although I'd have to print it at 50 - 66% to get the small size I want. I'd probably have to leave off much of the detail at that scale, but since I'll most likely have to design/build a whole new superstructure anyway I guess it wouldn't matter much. It sounds like you have/had a similar idea for a Thunderchild vs Tripod dio. The illustration kind of calls out for a 3D version, I think.
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    I had the large poster of the Thunderchild battle years ago when the record came out,I thought then that it would make a great diorama. As these pictures show we are not the only ones that have thought of it.

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  5. Wow! Those are great. I don't plan on building anything nearly that complex (or good), but the photos do serve as inspiration. Thanks for posting them.
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    I found this site as well and thought you might find it of interest. Tribbeck.com :: The War Of The Worlds The Thunderchild is such a great inperation ,the song , the illustration and of course the origional passage in the book I don't think you will have any problems keeping up the insentive to build the diorama and im sure it will be very impressive when you have finished.
    Cheers Phil
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    Wow, I have to say that's the first time I've seen an explosion modeled in a static display like that and he's done an awesome job of it... that view from above looks very realistic.
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    Just coming in to admire that explosion...
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    A friend of mine built a diorama of this scene. You might find his thoughts and pictures useful.

    The War of the Worlds
  10. Paper Shipwright's free HMVS Cerberus might be a good starting point, though assembly will be tricky if reduced to 4 inches length.

    Paper Shipwright - Card Models

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    now an explosion modeled in paper that will be different one of digital navys tsarist crusers would fit the bill in looks and are not to complex best asking in the watercraft section for ship sugestions
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    Both the Thunderchild dioramas can be found in the starship modelers web site in the gallery section. The exploding Tripod was done by using expanding foam. The inspiration for the Thunderchild was believed to have been the HMS Polyphemus a purpose built Torpedo Ram although she carried no guns. Most illustrations tend to show a Pre-Dreadnought style of ship like the HMS Ocean. I was thinking of using foil painted and moulded to shape as explosions to give a shine and texture to the explosion. The dry dock picture is of the HMS Polyphemus the second is HMS Ocean.

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  13. I'd like to thank nullmoon for reaffirming Digital Navy, the Daves' for the links (very helpful) and Gixergs for the additional photos. Something along the lines of the Dreadnought or Cerberus was just what I was looking for as a platform to convert into my own version of the Thunderchild.

    I want to keep the whole vignette fairly compact, so if it turns out to be impossible for me to build a waterline ship with a reasonable level of detail that is 6" or less in length, I may decide to go a bit larger, but not include all of the vessel in the vignette. If I lay it out so the ship is entering the diorama at an angle, I could just lop it off at the boundary of the scene - maybe get three quarters of it in there. The important part is the tripod and the glowing bow of the ship that is being superheated by the deathray.

    The base will probably be my usual style, made of mat board, covered this time in a photoshopped ocean surface, with sidewalls of black posterboard (I'm a creature of habit). If I wind up sectioning the ship, it shouldn't be too hard to extend a sidewall up to fill the cutaway portion of the hull - sort of like a former. I like the way it looks in my head anyway.

    I probably won't get into this project in earnest for another few weeks, but I'll post photos of my progress as I move along. Thanks again for all your help.

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  15. That's the very tripod model I am planning to use Patrick. I have picked out a suitable ship, and after a couple of smaller projects that have moved to the top of my build heap, I'll start on my WOtW vignette. Thank you for taking the time to post the link.
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    Those models look good when built.
    Here is a picture I made up using one that I built a few years ago.

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