Wanted: Cool pictures of n-scale layouts

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by FM 1446, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. rcline

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    Hay Blake - From what I read and learned here in the The Gauge, You better fire your fireman! It looks like he is burning to much fuel in the fire box, to much black smoke coming out of the stack. "LOL"
  2. satokuma

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    A little bit of the BearCatRR. More at the railimages site below. Even a shot of the Atlas Shay :wave: :wave: :wave: :D
  3. tillsbury

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    Rolling-stock-to-available-track-space ratio reaching critical levels Captain!....
  4. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    ATSF (John), that is oe nifty looking layout. Good things can indeed come in small packages. Great Southwestern scenary. I can feel the heat coming up from that dry stream bed!

    Satokuma, you have compiled an amazing collection there!
  5. dispatcher42

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    Go to our website.
    First two pictures on opening page are from my Layout. A sort of Before and After.
    I need to get one of the digital Cameras and learn how to use them. Then I shall send some of my layout to here.
    Take care and keep on Track

  6. trains1972

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    Wow my layout does not look as good as everyone else. Well here goes mine it is 12'x12' point to point layout with yards at both ends. I still have a lot of work to the layout. So far I have been working on this layout for a couple of months. The time period is around the 1930 to 1940 northwest USA mountians during the late fall after the first snow fall. The left side has the most work done so far.
    Here is a picture of the right lower freight yard.
    The right side of the middle side of the mountian
    The middle section from the front of the layout.
    The left side of the middle section were most of the work is done already.
    the left side upper yard.
    here are some pictures of the trains on the main lines.
  7. labranche

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    we have our N scale train on our web cam now broadcasting...

    Our web cam is broadcasting our web cam now and most of the time... it is on yahoo messenger and our name on yahoo is monicanaaron

    come by and check it out... pass it around..we love it when people look at it... does anyone have there N scale train on web cam ? or know where I can broadcast on a web site free...? e-mail me please or im me on yahoo or aol pager...monicanaaron on both...:wave:
  8. atsf_arizona

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    Hi, all,

    Here is a layout tour of a great (now dismantled) N scale layout: Dave Salamon's 'Deep River Southern'.

    Thanks to Dave Salamon's generosity, my Community Webshots photo albums with 70 photos from one of the last runs on his Deep River Southern are up on the web now at:


    In the new "Dave Salamon's N scale Deep River Southern", Volumes 1,2, and 3.

    A direct link to the first album is:


    Here's one teaser:


    Dave's layout is truly a gem, and now that he's moved to Oklahoma, I and many of us in Northern California will miss him.

    Hope you enjoy!

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