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Discussion in 'Modular Layout Forum' started by martyv, Jan 1, 2006.

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    Well I thought I'd give this a try. I've been railroading for about 4 years. I am building (you know your never finished) my layout in the lower level of my home and think I have made decent progress, trains run we have hours of enjoyment. However, it would be nice to see my trains run on a large layout and enjoy the friendship of other railroaders. A year or so ago I tried hooking up with a guy that wanted to start a 3 rail modular club but his wife was having a child and I think the new fatherhood thing just simply took too much of his time. I can't see to reach him anymore.
    So, I decided I'd start somewhere: Anyone in the Twin Cities ( Minneapolis and St. Paul, Mn.) area or Western Wisconsin that is interested in starting a 3 rail modular club get in contact with me. My email is: marty@martinjoseph.net (business email) or you can use my email that is on The Gauge. I have got a 24'x36' insulated heated garage that has all the necessary equipment to build modules. Being in the construction business there isn't anything I can't build. But I might need some help with the scenery and modeling part. I've got a place just seeing if I can find some people.

    So, if your interested get in touch with me or if you know people that would be interested have them contact me.

    Thanks in advance for your support

    Marty V.
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    Good luck with your venture! Sounds like you have a good beginning. Try rounding up new members at local hobby shops, or present your modular idea as a project for an exisiting group... The oldest and biggest local club (www.ovar.ca) is used by many other local clubs as a bit of an informal monthly meeting.

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    Sounds like you've got the makings of a great club space. My club, Angel's gate Hirailers (AGHR) started out with the SoCal chapter of Tinplate Trackers club some years ago. They were also modular guys, but found a building in what was formerly Fort MacArthur down here in San Pedro, CA, and got permission from the Parks dept. to build a permanent layout back in 1995.

    The building and layout is about 20' x100', so you can imagine it is quite expansive. It has taken the founding members over five years to rennovate the building (old Army barracks) and build the layout to its current state. It's not finished by any means, but we still do alot of Open Houses and invite anyone who likes trains to come and visit.

    Best of luck with starting your club- keep us posted on your progress.


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