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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by shamus, Apr 15, 2001.

  1. shamus

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    I am Backdating a two truck shay, using the straight boiler and fluted domes. This represents a pre-1915 Shay. What I need to know is, apart from the spark arrester because it is a wood burner, do I use the rest of the bits and pieces as if I were making an ordinary shay. Things like :-
    1 - Injector
    2 - Air Compressor
    3 - Dry Pipe
    4 - Exhaust pipe
    5 - Handrails
    6 - Check Valve
    7 - Generator
    8 - Injector pipe
    Do they in fact go in the same place as the normal shay.
    Any help/photo, I would be grateful.


  2. Shay2

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    Hello my friend,
    I have found a site that offers quite a bit of information on Shay and Climax engine's. They have several dozen photo's with specific information on each photo.
    Let me know if you've been to this site, I do have others for you to look at.

    Geared Loco's

    Maybe this site will be more help...
    More Shay info


    Rush Run River Logging Co.

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  3. Virginian

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    Hi shamus
    I came upon some 'Historical' Locomotive Manufaturer sites while surfin'the web last night, including several re:Shays. I'm sorry I didn't copy them or save to files But I was actually looking at Baldwin sites at the time, so that might be a starting point. I recall that one refered to technical specs. If I'm able to loccate any of these sites again, I'll let you know the locations and what's posted on 'em.
    Bye for now
  4. shamus

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    Hi Rich & VGN
    Yes thanks, I now have a photo to work from.
    Started to make up this MDC (KIT) 2 truck shay yesterday which I bought from a friend of mine in the States. Along with this kit came the long boiler etc, so I decided to make a backdated one instead. When this one is finished, I shall have 6 shays on the roster, 4 from MDC kits.I am getting quite quick at making these up now, the only hard part is getting the timing right for the cranks. This is the first I have made a shay using all MDC parts. Guess what, it's also quiet. (Don't know where I went wrong!!!) [​IMG]

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  5. George

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    I don't know anything about Shays, but I just sent your question off to an old friend in the Pacific Northwest who is an Mrr and a live steam fireman as well. If he has anything I'll send it to you for sure.


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