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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Myowngod, Sep 5, 2006.

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    Has anyone heard of any reviews on the walthers prebuilt turntable? I'm starting a new layout soon and will need a turntable. This is the first time I'll ever have a turntable on a layout I've built. Is there any prep work or special heads up someone could offer? Other than the high price is the walthers table worth it?

    Here is my layout plan.

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    Are you talking the pre-assembled, self indexing one that runs for about $250.00USD?
    I think that one is 125 scale feet. The Walthers kit one is 90' and can be motorized, but isn't self indexing.(I have that one).
    I hear they are nice. The only prep work you have is to cut a hole big enough. maybe some wiring. If you goto the Walthers website, you can actually read the instructions for the self indexing one. This will tell you what you need for prep work.
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    There's a review in the August Railroad Model Craftsman.
    It comes in 130 and 80 foot lengths. There are 60 positions. They also have an N gauge 130 footer. Their reviewer liked it.
    It comes just short of fully assemble (add a bit of bridge detail) and the hard part is apparently transferring the template to the tabletop.

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