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  1. hello everyone, i have a walthers trestle deck girder bridge kit and im wanting to use it. the problem is that where i want to install it is in a 30" radius curve, the trestle is made straight. is it possible to get this kit to build a curved bridge? i lost the directions to this kit. also, the location where im wanting to install this trestle kit is over another lower track, about 3 1/2" or more, would this style of bridge be appropiate in this location? any help or if anyone has the directions they could scan for me would be appreciated. thanks!
  2. Matthyro

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    You may have to do some kit bashing. I don't know anything about this kit but trestles are usually made up of a number of bents(the upright framing) They can be placed along a curve but then the deck would have to be changed as one side will be longer than the other. 30 inch radius shouldn't cause much of a difference but you may have to do some fitting.
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    Just do what Robin says. Build all the bents first. Draw the radius centerline you want on a suitable flat work surface. Place the completed bents upside down along the radius, centered on the centerline, attaching with tape or temporary adhesive. Here's the trick, space the bents along the curve so that the horizontal and cross-bracing pieces you have fit the distances between the bents on the OUTSIDE of the curve and glue them in place. Then cut the horizontal and cross-bracing pieces to fit the shorter spaces on the INSIDE of the curve.

    The even trickier part will be figuring out which pieces are which without the instructions. Does the box at least have a picture you can follow?
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    You might also ask Walthers if they could send you a copy of the instructions.

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    :wave: Hi Steve, I have the timber trestle #933-3217 by Walthers, I don't know if this is the one you need or not, let me know as I havn't opened the box so instructions should be there. Any way, the box says it can be built for straight or curved track. :D Jim
  6. thanks for all the information guys, i appreciate it. jmarksbery, thanks for checking that for me, now im relieved.:thumb:
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    But do you need the instructions for the one I have?
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    Hi Guys,

    I have that kit in N-scale and it came with the offer of a curved or straight bridge. You did'nt mention the gauge but if its n-scale I will check to see if it mentions the radius.
    Ron :thumb: :wave:

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