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  1. Hello everyone, im hopeing that someone out there might have a footprint template for the walthers modern roundhouse that can upload a picture of it so i can plan my install location on my new service facility. im modeling HO scale, so if anyone has one of these or can tell me the best way to plan for this building, i will be greatly appreciative. thanks!:eek:
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    I have one of the Walthers modern roundhouses under construction. Actually, it is the basic roundhouse with the extended stall for my Big Boy, plus the add-on 3 stalls (6 total) and the machine shop. By the way, Walthers shows the machine show attached to the roundhouse, but I don't see how a rectangular building can attached to the angled roundhouse and still have the track meet at the center of the turntable (unless you curve the track somehow). The basic dimensions are: each stall is 17 3/4" long, 5 1/8" wide at the back and about 2 1/8 wide at the front. The add-on section makes that stall 20 1/8" long. The box gives the overall dimensions for three stalls as 16" wide at the back and about 6 1/4 at the front. It also shows the distance from the stall doors to the center of the turntable as 11 15/16".

    I have left this part of my layout to last, but am rapidly approaching the point where it is unavoidable. The instructions make a big point about how sensative the turntable is to dust so maybe waiting to install it was not a bad thing. I plan to install the turntable soon and then the roundhouse and machine shop. Hope that helps.

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  3. hey Mentor63, thanks a ton, thats just what i needed to know. look forward to your report on installing the turntable!:thumb:

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