Walthers ground throws

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by YmeBP, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. YmeBP

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    I was browsing through a website and came across these:


    What situation would i use these in? Can they be connected to a switch machine? or are they strictly manual. I like they way the look :).
  2. steamhead

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    Hi, those are strictly manual. There are some that are more prototypical-looking which can de used either manually OR put on for visual effect and the switch is powered by a switch machine.
  3. spitfire

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  4. doctorwayne

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    I think that the ones you show are by Caboose Industries, who offer a wide variety of ground throws. If you look at almost any of my photos, there's usually at least one of them in the picture somewhere. :rolleyes: I hardly notice them any more, but to others not familiar with them, they probably stick out like a sore thumb.:thumb: I've used several of their offerings, all with an internal spring to keep the points in place.
    Here are five of mine: :D

  5. spitfire

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    Neat Wayne! And here's a CN style switch stand, in the lower right of the photo.


  6. doctorwayne

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    That switchstand looks great, Val, especially with one of my all time favourite locos in the picture. :thumb: :thumb: Who's the manufacturer? It looks a bit too delicate to be used for operating the switch: is it linked to a switchmachine beneath the layout, or is it purely decorative?

  7. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Wayne, it's made by Alder Models who are no longer in business, although the product was picked up by Surrey Custom Models of BC.

    There are CN, CP and Racor models available, all either working or non-working. The "working" version doesn't actually throw the switch -- you're right, it's too delicate. Instead, it turns when the switch is thrown, either with a switch machine, or manually. All my turnouts are Peco snap switches, which can be thrown manually quite well.

    Now, ask me why I have a CN switchstand on the CP mainline!! :oops:

  8. abutt

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    After four layouts where the only thing that ever failed were the electric switch machines, I decided to run all my turnouts manually. With a 24" deep shelf layout, and walkaround control, these manual ground throws are easy to reach and never fail.
  9. doctorwayne

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    Probably 'cause you knew that guys like me couldn't tell the difference even if I tripped over one! :D :D
    Just a semi-educated guess, but the NYC Hudson suggests that this is a TH&B train (TH&B was jointly owned by NYC and CPR, who both often provided motive power) so the trackage it would traverse in the Toronto area would be former Grand Trunk lines, upon which the CPR/TH&B had running rights.

  10. Relic

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    Has anyone used switch stands by ERIC?How realistic are they? Are they at least as nice as the one shown on Spitfire's photo?

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