Walthers CP RAIL ballast cars...

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by SD90, Dec 24, 2005.

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    Does anyone know where I could find some of these? I'd like to get a ballast train of the Walthers cars, in CP. I can re-number them, so it's not important if the numbers are the same. It seems they are hard to find. If anyone could help me, it would be great! Thank you in advance!
  2. SD90

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    Here are the cars I'm talking about, I have 10 of them right now, I'd like to get a train of about 30 or so.

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    Walthers stopped making these cars about 3 years ago. Sad to see that they seem to be cutting back on the N scale products (From my perspective anyways), However, Trueline Trains (A division of Hobbycraft Canada) will be releasing The new Atlas Hart style ballast cars early in the new year, and offering them in CP Block, CP Script, and CP Rail (2 numbers of each) as well CN Block, and CN Noodle (3 numbers each).
    They are older style cars, however I remember seeing them as late as 1993 on the CP here on Vancouver Island.
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