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  1. Hello all, does anyone know if walthers has a site where a person can download templates of their buildings and industries to place on a layout for planning before you buy the kit? when i was into HO scale, i went through a lot of industries and buildings not really knowing how well they would fit until after they were built, it got kinda expensive after haveing to give a few away because they just wouldnt fit into my layout. thanks for any information.:eek:
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    Not that I know of. What I do is find the dimensions for it and make my own templates or cut-outs to place and move around.
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    Hi Trainsteve - Hey, I don't know about their online info, but Walther's PAPER catalogs and fliers ALL show structure sizes (in inches and often in metric) with the listing - not precise as a footprint template, but helpful. Bob C.

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