Walthers 90' Turntable question....

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  1. hello guys, i purchased one of the newer "improved" walthers 90' TT's last year and im ready to assemble it. i have read some articles on the internet that shows you how to properly brace the TT to get the play out of the shaft. i have looked and i cant find it now, and im wondering if anyone out there has had any experience in these models? i remember you had to brace it from the bottom of the shaft or something, but im not sure. does anyone know what im talking about? i know im not makeing much sense, but im trying:oops: anyways, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know, cause right now im stumpped:confused: thanks everyone!:wave:
  2. sorry guys, i had to bump this back up in hopes that someone might not have got to see it. thanks!:cry:
  3. Martin Fancher

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    I have not seen any article, but a helpful solution to my 90' TT provided by another member in this forum had me add considerable "lead" (or any other type) weight under the track near the shaft going down to the motor, and I must say that has indeed made everything more steady and has taken alot of the "play" out of the mechanics.

    Hope that helps. . . . If you find any other advice, I'd be interested in your posting!
  4. thanks Landon, i'll give it a try.:thumb:

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