WALL-E wip.

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    Hey Rebostar whats the word on Wall-E

    Hey Rebostar whats the word on Wall-E? Haven't seen anything on him in a while. I found another paper model of him on the web but its not measuring up to yours.
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  3. Rebostar

    Rebostar I do try

    Hey guys/gals...
    Thank you for continued interest in this build.

    I won't lie and say I haven't noticed this thread popping back up every so often and all the Emails (there have been so many it's almost scary), I feel so guilty for not responding. I wasn't ignoring any of you on purpose, I just didn't know how to answer without any progress to show.
    In my head I would say "i'll tell them in the morning" and then the same the next, until it was too embarrassingly long to answer.

    As you may be aware I stalled at Wall-e's neck and hands due to the size I had scaled the build at. I'm not a pro builder and wanted it to be novice friendly, but keep as much detail as possible. After many attempts I figured if I couldn't build it myself what chance have others I got really frustrated and squished poor Wall-e flat, dead.

    When I started this build I had just started in a new job which has had a steep learning curve for me and left me feeling shattered at the end of the day, with no enthusiasm left to do battle with this build. I am now comfortable in my role at work and am able to allow hobbies back into my mind.

    So, I will get back on this horse and see if I can see it though to completion this time round. I intend to up the scale abit (I hope that won't upset anyone). The downside to that is it will take up a little more shelf space, the upside is it will be easier to build and hopefully a lot more detail.

    I will hopefully have the model ready for pepping by the end of next week.
    Thank you for all your Emails, fingers crossed no hiccups this time round.
  4. CK Styles

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    I am sure this will promise to be a great, fun build. The textrues looked great and he is just so cute, lol.
  5. Trader Sam

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    Sounds great, Rebostar. Larger pieces are easier to handle anyway, which translates to fewer frustrations for newbie/novice builders. And you really do get to put more graphical (and possibly physical) detail in. That's one of the reasons why my models are large. Plus, it's not like anyone can't scale down a PDF, right? I know I've posted this before (I think), but there are a couple people who shrink my models way down, and they look like they're full size. So, don't have any qualms about increasing your model's size.
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    I hope you don't give up on this Rebostar. Looks like you've done some excellent work so far, and my kids would totally geek out over a paper Wall-E. Keepin' my fingers crossed for you.
  7. ohgodwhy

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    Is that the destroyer droid from Judge Dread in your Photobucket album ? It looks wicked cool !
  8. Trader Sam

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    Say, Rebostar, have you checked out the Wall•E Builder's Group? The site says that if you register, you'll have access to all of the drawings and specifications for building a 1:1 scale robot. I figure the drawing could come in handy for dimensions and details.
  9. yaniv

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    i like it

    i only see a trail of this movie but cant wait till its come out in my ****ry

    good work man i realy like this model :)
  10. Rebostar

    Rebostar I do try

    Still here... Just working on the paint job for his arm and then to test build.
    I'll do my best to get a pic up of it tonight.

    Ohgodwhy, thank you for the compliment and yes it is the war robot from Judge dredd.
  11. Rebostar

    Rebostar I do try

    Here is a quick screen grab as I didnt get as far a long as I hoped last night.
    I'll be working on him for the rest of the day, so I hope to make progress worth showing.

  12. modelnutz7

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    Hi Rebostar,

    Looking really good so far, can't wait till he's ready to download.


  13. Master-Bruce

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    The fact that this is taking you a while to do is reassuring to me that this will be a good model. ;) You seem to be ficusing on getting the textures right.

    Looks great too! Can't wait to see the finished thing.
  14. doc_harvey

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    Beautiful textures!
  15. ThunderChild

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    Thats one for the display stand! Keep it up Rebo, you're doing a great job! :D
  16. cdcoyle

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    I just saw the film yesterday and it was FANTASTIC! There's enough potential card model subjects in it to keep somebody busy for a long time. I should think that if someone gets really stuck on WALL*E they could have at go at EVE -- that one shouldn't be too difficult. :rolleyes:

    BTW, if you haven't seen the movie yet, it is not only hands-down the best animated film of the year, a spot-on example of a family movie that actually entertains the whole family without using a single cuss word or innuendo, and a great sci-fi film to boot -- it is also (and I'm not kidding here) the best romantic comedy in a long, loooooooong time.

    I look forward to seeing your finished prototype. Cheers!
  17. littlemodeler

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    i agree with Cdcoyle, i saw it the day before and it was awesome!! wall-e reminds me of johnny 5 from short circuit. from what i can see...someone should do a diorama of wall-e and his truck after this is done...or better yet the ship axiom!! this movie has brought new possibilities to the papermodelling world!
  18. CK Styles

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    This was a fun little "simple" WALL-E I put together today in about 30 minutes. Not as detailed, but still pretty cool! The head moves up and down and rotates as well. There were a lot of improvements that could have been made to it, but I was just making it for the kids as we just came home from the movie, which was worth the $50 + I spent on tickets and snacks! lol. It's all good ...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  20. CK Styles

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    Cool, to see so many of these popping up. I'd love to get an EVE as well. Hmmm ....

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