WALKERA 1#B 2.4GHz Helicopter

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by cha, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. cha

    cha New Member

    i have ordered Walkera 1#B 2.4GHz helicopter . It cost USD119.99 only. Its great! Once i receive it i will share more opinion for this helicopter.

    If you guys have this helicopter, hope to share opinion with you in here. :mrgreen:

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  2. cha

    cha New Member

    Received my Walkera 1#B 2.4GHz helicopter ordered from ehirobo. Fast shipping and Good quality for this helicopter. The flight is stable and easy to control.

    Anyone have this helicopter too? We can share opinion here.
  3. cha

    cha New Member

    I am planning to upgrade my helicpter into metal version. anyone can offer some opinion?

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