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    1.model subject: t-28 multi turret tank
    2.scale 1:25
    3.Publisher and model number:WAK 3/2008
    4. Designer: Roman Choleviak and rafal sekowski(cover art)
    5. Number of paper sheets:15pages model and frame parts 4pages instructions A4

    this is a new model from a good puplisher so the kit is of high quality and the printing is very crisp there is no interior on this kit the completed kit is about 290mm long when complete.
    the instructions are clear and well presented with exploded diagrams showing part assembly
    the printing is very good the overall texture of the tank is presented with scratches and chips making the completed vehicle much more realistic than the simple flat colors and black lines of other publishers.
    the parts for this tank are well laid out to make assembly clean and easy the tracks are quite easy and well Designed and printed on lighter paper so they can be built without undue difficulty
    in terms of difficulty is fairly high not down to the tracks but really to the huge number of roadwheels this tank has i have scanned the kits frame parts and constructed the main structure of the tank this is made mainly of 2mm card making it very strong this i will discard however as i will be purchasing the laser cut frame parts that are avalible for this kit not for the frames as much as the nightmare number of wheel formers as cutting rings from thick card is difficult to do and still get neat results

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    As an alternative to 2mm card it is possible to use 2mm balsa - see the KV-2 thread - easy to cut and nearly as strong as card.

    The T-28 model roadwheels are 14mm diameter - you could use a hollow punch to cut these out. I agree it would take a while with a circle cutter. I bought a set of cheap hollow punches recently. They were made in China - the edges were rubbish but the steel seems pretty good - a little sharpening with a Dremel and they are a quick way to cut out lots of small circles.



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    i have a set of disk punches of simalar cheapness there sharpened but not with a dremel as i lack one the punches are not overly effective they tend to bounce on thicker card giving wonky disks pehaps a better shapening is in order ive scanned all the frame parts anyway so i can get them perfect before i take that first cut........

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