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    Armor models are some of the most difficult models to realize. There are many knowledgeable people and if your off, they let you know. Then, you have models like Janos's, which may depress some, as few can realize that level of expertise, but also inspires many, who may not( like myself) ever reach that level, but can enjoy it nevertheless. I play Violin. I will never be a concert Violinist, but it is fun to do. I can enjoy the music of the Masters and am grateful for their song. Same thing with these models.
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    Thanks Zathros. I'm not the best papermodeller, there's a lot of mistakes, but I'm try to move forward and evolve. I'm glad if other people like it.
    This is more than a hobby for me, this is passion for me
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    At last all parts are in place. I will add few accessories to around.



    Hi ,really great model,but for me miss figures and some projectiles.
    I `ve found for You free to download from WAK .
    And one pic by Demon sturm with ammo.
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    Thank You Piotr! I've got the bullets. My next plan a mini diorama with a figure.
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    That bullet just looks so surreal. I am going to have to research this machine. I want to know all the facts now. Amazing!
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    I built a little diorama to around the Sturmtiger.

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    Beautiful diorama. You may want to consider making a nice plastic or glass case to cover it when not being show. You can get clear U.V sheets to put on the glass and it will protect the mode. even better. Great Job. Thanks for letting us in on the build! :)

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