Wabash rr. heavy load flat car #20006

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    Hello to all American railroad friends and model builders.

    This is my first entry in the gauge forum and so I would like to present a few of my last modelling jobs. I´m from Germany and therefore my written English will not be perfectly. I´m sorry for any kinds of mistakes.



    The pictures above show a HO scale model that I built after an original picture of Wabash rr. heavy load flat car #20006 with a heavy load for a power plant of an unknown industry branch.
    The car was built originally in 1890 or 91 but the picture which I used as pattern for my model was taken approx in 1900. In detail I had found a sketch of this car in an older issue of the Model Railroader without a high detailing. So I built all parts out of Kadee trucks, couplers and stake pockets in my own small workshop.
    I think it´s really a nice model and it runs with four trucks also very good on radii to 20 inches.
    In the next days I will show you other models which I use as an addition to a small “power plant construction train”.

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    Nice Job and welcome to the forum.

    The load looks to be the shaft and hub for a Pelton turbine with cranks for compressors. Pelton wheels came in all kinds of sizes, up to 20-30 feet in diameter, with the larger ones built like bicycles wheels with spokes. These turbines were typically used for mining locations because of the requirement for compressed air and the "high head" of water available from mountain streams.
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    Welcome aboard! Excellent looking flat car load!
  4. CN1

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    Excellent indeed. Nicely done. Do you have any more pictures?
  5. eightyeightfan1

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    Looks real good.
    And don't worry about your English. My German isn't all that good, and I was stationed there for two years.
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    Welcome to the Gauge... that is a great looking model !!!

  7. Matthyro

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    Welcome to the Gauge modelsof1900.
    Your english is fine. Much better than my german
    Great handywork building that flatcar. That is an interesting looking load it is carrying.
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    Thank you very much for your kindly replies. I must correct, the English text was written by my son working as a network administrator with contacts around the world. But nice to read your interest in my modelling jobs and I think to show a few more pictures in a new thread in next days. Thanks also for hint of using this shaft in mining plants. I think this could be a good idea with a real background.
    Unfortunately I don’t own more pictures of this car in this moment, but I’ll try to make a few more shuts in future, when my models will roll on a friend’s layout.

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    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    A new load for the Wabash car #20006


    The new load in front ...


    ... and mounted on Wabash car #20006.


    Here the model on a friend's (modern) layout.

    Since a few months I planed to replace the load of Wabash car #20006. This first, smaller shaft was an early attempt built after my memories of original picture of Wabash car with load. After I found same picture again in a book I have seen differences in all respects. Shaft was thicker in diameter and all other dimensions were larger than I these remembered. Therefore I had to build this new load, which resembles the original much more than my first shaft. Even if the NBWs do not belong to the original, I wanted to absolutely add these small details. Other model railroaders create their own model railroad company, I added a few bolts only and I have loved it to do this modelling job!


    PS. Look also for my two other Wabash flatcar models:

    - An addition to Wabash #20006
    - Wabash rr. heavy load flat cars - a third time
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    Truly masterful work...!!!

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