Vw type 2 micro bus 23-window

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by tankboy44, Feb 24, 2012.

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    Here is a link to a free VW Micro Bus, red in color, unsure about the scale. Looks like a fun build, I might repaint it in psychedelic 60's scheme. http://www.kamigei.com/type2.html
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    I spent my childhood cruising around New England in one of these. Worst heat in the world, but, with the right tires, not bad in snow, especially if filled with 8 kids!! This model deserves an Interior. I have seen it made, and it does come out nice. I'm still in New England, but Lord only knows what happened to that bus! :)
  3. I always liked the red/white ones. VW busses are red hot with collectors these days. I saw a stock-looking 23 window go for $100K in the Barrett-Jackson auction a few months ago. Here's links to a couple more Microbus models I've run across lately:



    I drove one as a second party loaner for a few weeks once. It was actually kind of fun to drive after you got used to it. Unfortunately the engine overheated while I was driving and probably demolished itself. I learned later that you shouldn't go very far on an overheating air-cooled engine. I think the poor owner had to go pick it up. I just walked away. Hey, this was the '70s.

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    Retarded timing wrecked havoc on them!! They really needed all of those shrouds on the too! I got pretty good at driving one on two wheels, the side ones of course! :)
  5. Now that's scary.
  6. Zathros

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    It was the only way to go around corners and keep with the traffic! :)

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