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Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by jdavalos, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. jdavalos

    jdavalos New Member

    I´m looking for a VW jetta 2005 papermodel... Does anyone knows where could I find a good one?

  2. Werner Smuts

    Werner Smuts Member

    Hi there,

    I'm a Volkswagen freak. I love them, believe you me i've searched the sites..... nothing.... zip.... Once i found a couple of beetles and a golf 1, which sadly i've lost with my hdd crash. Maybe some designer would do us all a big favour and design some Volkswagen cars... what about a Golf GTi Mk1 Mk2 Mk3 Mk4 and my favourite Mk5 R32.

    Not to mention the Jetta's CLi's

    Please... anybody
  3. Biroka

    Biroka Member

    Hy I was searching for some vw cars, and found a great golf r32, don't know where I found it, but it was a free download, so I'll send it if you want it. Only problem...no assembly instructions but it can be figured out.
  4. jdavalos

    jdavalos New Member

    I've been looking on my old bookmarks vehicles's sites, but almost a half of them are out of service right now. Werner, wait for next monday, I'm going to look on my backup CDs this weekend, I think that I have a Golf saved there. Biroka, thanks, I appreciate your offer, let me see if I have the Golf on my backyups and then, if you still want to share your model with me, I'll send a PM.
  5. tomazs

    tomazs New Member

    In this site you can find VW Golf, VW Team Caddy Life, VW Bus T4 and VW Touareg

    http://streetpaper.de/ :thumb:

  6. Biroka

    Biroka Member

    The Golf I have it's a bit more detailed, then the ones on the site mentioned above.
  7. Werner Smuts

    Werner Smuts Member

  8. CK Styles

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  9. CK Styles

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