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  1. Comments: Vulkans’ possibilities.
    Vulkan would deliver LEK (mass 31 t ) directly on the surface of Moon. LEK would be taken to near zero velocity near the lunar surface by the Vulkan stage 3 (Block V 'lunar crasher' rocket stage). It would then descend to the lunar surface using a landing stage nearly identical to the American lunar module descent stage. This landing stage however would primarily provide propulsion of the upper ascent / earth recovery stage to a trans-earth trajectory. The ascent / earth recovery stage consisted of a re-entry capsule in the shape of but larger than the Soyuz descent module, encapsulated in a larger pressurised volume providing crew quarters and equipment storage (
    Vulkan cancelled when Energia / Buran development begun.
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    Just saw this was up, guess I missed the first post.
    I'd actually seen this rocket named before in the Astronautix article and not matched the name with the picture. I'm going to have to finish your LEK I had going to go with it. :) Another great model, Leo. Thanks!
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    Thanks, Leo

    I just got around to downloading this model, (WOW)! Very fine work.

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    Another very impressive model. It is a shame that Russia canceled this launch vehicle. I have been a long-time fan on the Proton & Vulkan takes all of that and steps the whole design theory up a notch. An amazing job of detailing on the Model, sir !


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