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Discussion in 'Software' started by Gil, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Gil

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    VueScan is an interesting piece of software especially the Pro version which allows low cost scanner and printer profiling. I've been experimenting with it and it seems to do a fair job of fixing the color management problem at low cost. I'm currently waiting on the purchase of an IT8 target needed to profile the scanner. I performed a printer profile, assigned it to the printer followed by a print of a scanned model page. It did the job of getting "all" the colors very near to that of the original. One other important item is that the profile can be set for each paper type and ink (if different). Fairly cool stuff!

    This post is an offshoot of looking into Raw data capture for another unrelated project. For those of you that are also into photography I suggest you look into Adobe's LightRoom Beta software.

    Best regards, -Gil
  2. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    Have you used Corel Draw. It too is good for such tasks. I like it's Trace program too!

  3. Gil

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    It's not as onerous as Corel's method which requires sampling 320 printed color squares as part of the profiling process. VueScan does this automatically with a mask overlay and produces an ICC file for the printer. One other thing regarding Corel's method is that it requires a colorimeter. VueScan uses your scanner as the photometer to input a Kodak IT8 Target with known values (stored in an accompanying file) and is the only additional purchase item required.

    I'll know just how good all this is once the target arrives and the profile loop is closed.

  4. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    Thanks for the product info.

    Please let me know hoe the final review of the product goes. I am very interested.


  5. Gil

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    Somewhat Mystical Interface

    Hi All,

    The interface instructions for VueScan are not what you would call straight forward. The IT8 target was delivered Tuesday and I started into figuring whether the software would allow scanning and copying cardmodels while maintaining color fidelity. The answer in a nutshell is it works! Only problem I'm still dealing with is "I don't know why or how it does it"..., A little explanation is in order.

    The VueScan software is a highly recommended package used by an increasing number of people to scan film into their systems in a Raw format. The Raw format is the actual data coming from the sensors of either your digital camera or scanner. VueScan works with your scanner or camera and allows the Raw data to be scanned in. Once in it can be saved as a file or printed. The point I'm having trouble with is that the scanner and printer need to be "profiled" so the color gamut of each can be managed to produce a semblance of color fidelity. A target needs to be purchased that has data which has been precisely measured and is contained in an accompanying data set.

    Ok, so far so good. To profile the scanner the target is inserted into the scanner and scanned, the data set is copied to the install directory and renamed so the software can use it. Once the target is scanned a mask appears and is then manually aligned with the scanned image so that each square of color lies within the mask squares. The software then upon command creates a profile for the scanner. The information in the profile provides gamut transfer information that is used to match the monitors color space. So if the scanner is a little red shifted the result is an "un-red shifted" monitor view. This cleared up a lot of the color shift problems that I've been experiencing. Note that the scanner and the printer need to be profiled for everything to be wonderful and this is where the problem seems to occur.

    Profiling the printer is accomplished by generating a software generated target that is then printed on your printer using the paper that will be used for the profile. Note that this is a very important part of this workflow. It takes into account camera, scanner, monitor, printer, ink, and paper. So if you change the paper or your ink vendor it's back to making another profile for that setup. Next the printed target is inserted into the scanner and scanned. A mask then appears and is aligned with the target scan. The software then creates a profile for the printer. The problem is that when I attempt to use this profile the colors are all blown out of proportion so it is obvious something isn't feeling the way it should to make the software happy about everything. Still working on getting this end part right but the progress with just the scanner profiled and using the printer without any correction is enough to make VueScan a valuable addition to my cardmodeling software repertoire. In fact I've already used it to print two models that I've been intending to build and just haven't been able to get the colors under control till now.

    Soon as the printer profiling problem is sorted out I'll finish up with an final report...,

    Ciao! -Gil
  6. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    Thank you for your research! I will be standing by for further updates.


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