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    I added some photos of my latest, the world's first interstellar spacecraft, Voyager. It is built from the SCI Spacecraft International kit, with several modifications and scratchbuilt items to ehnance accuracy. Scratchbuilt items include the Radioisotope Thermalelectric Generators, the scan platform and various other bits and pieces. Built stock, SCI's Voyager is a pretty nice model, but when is the last time we built anything stock? The instructions say the model is in "approximately" 1/40th scale (1/39th? 1/41st? 1/40.5th?) and it is pretty compact, except for the magnetometer boom, which stretches 15 inches or so away from the body of the spacecraft.
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    Dhanners, can you please post the link for your pictures? I cannot find them.
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    Very nice build! Voyager's still one of the coolest looking satellites.
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    Is the magnetometer boom pre-cut, or you had to cut the little triangles yourself?

    I love your stand. And for the other models too. I guess you (and all members) can help me on my thread. If you have time, I appreciate your comments. Link:

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    Thanks for the kind comments. The magnetometer boom (on both Voyager and Galileo) are pre-cut, so all you have to do is snip the part from the sheet of cardstock they're printed on, fold, glue and you've got a great-looking magnetometeter boom. That's one of the beauties of SCI's models.

    As far as the display stands are concerned, I go the simple route. I get a pre-cut and shaped block of wood from my local Michael's arts and crafts store (they usually cost less than $2) and some thin brass tubing or rod from the hobby shop. I find some spot on the model that is close to the center of gravity, make a hole small enough for the brass piece to go in and that's pretty much it. I'll also usually add a small round piece (with a hole in the middle) at the site of the hole to strengthen the card in that area. I figure out where to anchor the rod on the wood base, drill a hole, put in a drop of super-glue and stick the rod in.

    If I'm planning ahead, I'll roll and glue some cardstock around the brass rod to make a housing for the rod. I'll cut the housing to size and install in inside the model (before everything is closed up) and add gussets to reinforce it. Then I'll make the small hole in the outer skin at the site of the stand hole and close up the model.

    With most rockets, though, I just stick a thin dowel up the rocket nozzle, then glue the dowel into a hole drilled in a wood base.
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    Thank you Dhanners!!
    I'm gonna visit Michael's today.
    But I'll check on your process myself.
    I'm thinking on displaying Space Shuttle models "on fly", not standing in the launch pad (BTW, haven't seen any launch pads for the Shuttle). I'll try with your method.
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    I've got one of these kits (Voyager) which I am never going to build. Anyone care to swap for something else? PM me if interested; I'm in the UK.

    Tim P
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    Really nice model! Looking through your gallery, you certainly seem to keep very busy building some gorgeous spacecraft. Thanks for sharing!

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