Voyager Areo Shuttle

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  1. I wanted to show you all a little side model I have been working on while doing the sulaco. It's the USS Voyager Areo shuttle I downloaded somewhere off the net. It is a nice little model and gives great results when done. :thumb:

    While this thread is up why don't yall show your Voyager related models. Let's make this a free for all thread. Here is mine.

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    That's a really nice build. that model is one of many on my to do list. I always wondered why they never showed that particular craft.
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    Dandy Little Model

    This is a great model to build. I've built it 3 times, albeit the first was a failure, as that I printed it to photographic paper, and though the superglue held, the scored tabs created huge seams that when the sub-assemblies were being glued to each other, caused mis-alignment problems that couldn't be overcome (with the skills I had at the time).

    The reason the Aerowing was never shown was cost. The producers & art department had a pretty good plan, if you look carefully at the front, you'll notice its a duplicate of the runabout from Deep Space 9. The fuselage is also approximately in proportion to the Runabout's. So the runabout set was going to be redressed to be the Aerowing cockpit. But apparently these efforts would still have blown the show's budget. They would have needed to at least show an undocking sequence, a large hole in the belly of Voyager, effects shot of the Aerowing entering a planetary atmosphere, and probably a couple of full size set pieces.
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    Thanks for that, that's a bit of trivia I didn't know. guess I'm going to have to puill mine out.:mrgreen:

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