Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by rockn82, Jan 29, 2004.

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  1. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Since the dawn of tims' incredible carreer as an retard he has shown us all a new meaning to the word idiot. From the topics to the posts that he makes I am astounded. Each and every one is like opening a surprise package, only to find that, YES, it is even more stupid than the last one. Half of it makes no sense and the other half reitterates what people have already said. So use this to post your thoughts and we the people of this forum will decide once and for all... IS TIMROCK RETARDED?
  2. tfhughes_28

    tfhughes_28 Member

    Exactly how old are you guys anyways????
  3. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    Im so sick of the name "Timrock" that i dotn give a rhino's balls whether he gets run over by a bus full of Afghanie's or stays in here. Watever else he makes up in here to try and make people belive, i dont care about, whatever jab he takes at me or anyone else, i dont care either, all i know is i want this idiot, retard, what u want to call him, to leave every1 alone and simply concentrate on wat this forum is, an RC FORUM!!!!
    just my thoughts guys, plz dont take it personally, its simply out of frustration over tim's piontless, "who gives a #@$% ", thoeries that r way wrong. thanks
  4. I am 15 and there is noting wrong with tim rock, he has helped me out than any of you guys besides tf huges, And rockin 82 you should go back to grad school and learn how to use the word ''an'' write
  5. rcosmax

    rcosmax Member

    Tim and I have had our differences, but I want to put that behind me now. Im sorry. I have been rude to him for the last time. I just want the old style forum back where everyone was friends and we could agree to disagree. Maybe this is nostalgic, but thats my dream. Tim I hope you read this cause I think many people want the same. (even people who have flamed you over and over like me).
  6. Robin

    Robin Member

    this isn't a forum for trashing people and taking retarded votes about people, it's a r/c forum, That means it is for R/C CARS! Rockn82, you need to stop stirring up trouble. Your making a biggist deal out of nothing I have ever seen.
  7. Robin

    Robin Member

    If you don't like the people in this forum, find another one. Everything that timrock has told me and some other people that has all worked exactly.
  8. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Maybe you should be telling your buddy that one Robin. He has posted every topic first about me and who he thinks I am. So I am left to respond to it. With that said "If you don't like the people in this forum, find another one"
  9. rcosmax

    rcosmax Member

    Take it easy robin you go too far! I was just trying to say that it would be nice to stop arguing with each other. BELIEVE me when I say "I dont agree with Tim." To say that he gives (or gave) good advice is.....well....its.....crazy talk. Id like nothing more than to never see a post with any of his many names on it ever again. This being said I really am trying to not flame even though I want to. To Tim: crazy talk was like saying I cant understand what hes saying cause its crazy talk, or total insanity (talk) I cant decide which. I did it I made it a whole post without using the I#"%t word. Thats the best I have.
  10. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    well lets not forget.rockn82 was the first person to start calling people idiots an morons.alot of the people he called morons were right and he was wrong and they no longer post anything.because he is an a hole.

    he posted alot of false info and bad addvice.

    he called me a liar about an rc car going 80mph.he said you would need the lenght of an airport runway to even `See` 80mph.then i posted a link to website with a video of a car going 80 in a small mall parking lot.i can right a book on how wrong he is with so much of the stuff he posted.he is an ashole
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