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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by fvracer85, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. fvracer85

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    I have changed the new layout track plan that I posted yesterday completely. What I now have is closer to an "around the walls" style that I originally wanted. Please follow the link at the bottom and have a look at the "layout" page on the site. Both layout plans are posted.....lets have a you vote for layout #1 (top pic) or layout #2 (bottom pic)?????


  2. marty w.

    marty w. Member

    How are you going to get to the middle of each plan? I can not tell where the walls are. Duck-unders?
  3. fvracer85

    fvracer85 Member

    Duck Unders

    The room the layout is situated in is a big L shape. The long (21') side of the layout is a wall, and the "top" 12' side is a wall as is the side opposite the 21" wall. The plan is to have a duckunder on the bottom edge (the one half way down the 21' length) one of the bonuses to plan 2 is that the edge of the layout on that end is only going to be 2' wide, that should make for a reasonable duckunder....I did try some designs that had no duckunder, I just couldn't get happy with them.... (the one's posted are numbers 8 and 14 of 15 layouts that I've toyed with over the last 5 weeks).
  4. marty w.

    marty w. Member

    I would suggest you rethink your duck under.

    I had one that lasted about 3 months. It too was 2' wide, the height was 48" from the floor to the bottom of the 1"x4" benchwork. During construction, I would duck under about 20 times per work period. Fit plywood, fit backdrop, get a tool, etc.
    This took a toll on my back and visitors would never duck under.

    I modified a plan the St. Clair Western RR from Track Planning for Realistic Operation by John Armstrong. My room size is 11'11"x21'7".

    This is just a thought.

  5. fvracer85

    fvracer85 Member

    Plan complete!

    Ok, the plan is (finally) complete, if you;d like to have a look and maybe comment take a peek at the website....:D :D

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