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    can anyone tell me what size i would have to print out leos vostok/voskhod models to fit a 5cm dia polyball? i built the paper ball but it just didnt come up as well as i would like
  2. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    Spray Foam

    I use a Foam Seal Machine to stiffen large full plot models. I have used small cans for little problems. Build the ball, (Then cut a hole in it, (and inject the foam)). It will expand and firm up the ball. Have a card stock plug handy, (And Super glue it on right after you spray foam). 1 quick burst should fill the ball, (If You plotted it in the scale that it was published). Make sure You have a paper towel handy to wrap the end of the foam can straw, (To catch the extra foam that will pressure out of the straw). Make sure that the ball has dried over night before you foam. Also place the ball on a paper plate to take care of any blow outs that might happen. You could also put a coat of PVA glue on the ball to make sure You have a good seal, (Let it dry before foam is injected).

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    interersting way of doing things foam filler may be a idea to use on models with little internal bracing to hold shape but all i was after was on what scale to print the paper parts to fit a 5cm polyball :oops:
  4. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    I thought You had already constructed the paper shell. The foam will expand in all dir. and make a ball, (Inside).


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    Wish I knew, Null...

    But I haven't looked at this model yet. Sorry! :-(
  6. 5cm polyball

    5cm ball?
    Print pp.1,2 of Vostok kit in scale 104,4% OR print pp.6,7 in scale 135%. As a result scale of model is 1/46, size of small balls are 7,8 mm. Note that for scales above 1 / 48 it's neccesary to edit the sheets to fit into a standard printer (see instructions at the end of page 5 of kit).

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    thanks:) no complaint about the kit its just get a better result with a polyball i built the paper version of the ball but once painted it just looked very untidy

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    nice tip

    i found if you press into the hatch parts with a biro and glue them upside down you get an nice riviet pattern after painting

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