Voroshilovets, Russian Artillery Tractor, Beta Build

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by cdavenport, Aug 20, 2011.

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    Michal Rafalski, from Warsaw, Poland, was kind enough to allow me to do the beta build on his 1/25 scale project. Though I normally do not build wheeled military vehicles, this subject captured my imagination.

    Thus far, the build has gone smoothly with everything fitting like a glove. Basic chassis construction is a simple tab-in-slot rectangular box. Michal calls for the standard 1mm card, but I prefer to use 1.5 mm illustration board, modifying the tabs n slots as needed.

    The first two photos show the progress thus far. Michal provides detail sheets to overlay atop the chassis box. Once glued in place, the tabs and slots disappear. At this point, I am gluing up panels, etc, and putting them in place. In one place you can see where the detail panel is absent due a slight water mishap. But, once painted, no one will be the wiser.

    The third photo shows that I am already contemplating competing this model. So, I detailed the exhaust louvers in lead foil. This allowed me to open the louvers up. I'll use lead foil elsewhere to simulate dented and worn metal.

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    Ohohoh!! WOWEE ZOWEE!! :eek: I really am going to be glued to this. Now, were you making a working miniature, or a model?:mrgreen:
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    A display model. If I like it well enough, I may buy the artillery piece, B4?, that fits it.

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