Voltron model?

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    Wow, that would be awesome if someone made a Voltron card model. Remember them? 5 mecha cats that could transform to make 1 large fighter.

    The toys I had were awesome as it allowed you to play with them individually and when the time came to fight with the big boys, transform into a huge fighter that could take them on.

    The one thing that might be hard, and if I remember correctly is, the black and main cat was the torso when transformed together. In the cartoon though when they all finally came together, the whole body was proportionate. When compared to the toys tho, the black cat seemed bigger than all of them as it had to make up the torso which is definately bigger than an arm or a leg, so it looked funny.
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    Hi there here the best this right now nice detail !!!

    way to go voltron force !!!

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    Near completion. Will be a fast paper conversion as the model was easy to clean up. Just need a great pose with sword.
  4. xyberz

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    Nice. It'd be awesome if it could transform back into the seperate lions. :grin:

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