Voisin racecar 1/24

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by cdavenport, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

  2. zealousy

    zealousy Member

    That looks fun to build :) Thanks for sharing
  3. whulsey

    whulsey New Member

    I've built that, it's a fairly nice quick build. I printed it out at 97% to get it to 1/25th.[​IMG]
  4. pipopak

    pipopak New Member

    One of the very few cars that, modeled in paper, accurately represents the flat surfaces of the prototype!.
  5. whulsey

    whulsey New Member

    Which made it an excellent choice for one of my 1st paper projects. Have found more info on the car and some good drawings so am thinking about doing a much more detailed version someday.

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