Virus nasties!

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Horus, Mar 23, 2004.

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  1. Horus

    Horus Member

    Alert! Beware of hoax e-mails 'from' Paperwarbirds
    In the last fortnight we have had two incidents of fraudulent e-mails targeted at our customers. We are actively investigating these incidents at present.
    These e-mails purported to be from Paperwarbirds departments, one from "'s Billing dpt" and the other from "'s Internet Virus Department", neither of which are real departments within Paperwarbirds or Wings of Horus.
    Both of these e-mails contained a file attachment, and an instruction to open the file. We believe that the attached files are trojan horses, programs that will sit on a PC and enable the PC to be used by spammers to send their unsolicited e-mail without the PC owner's knowledge.
    We would like to remind all customers that Paperwarbirds will never send e-mails asking for account details or send out file attachments via e-mai other than pdf filesl. Our advice on avoiding email viruses remains the same:
  2. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    Hmmm...What delightful people virus writers are. I've just thought of a good use for all those worn-out scalpel blades we paper modellers generate.

  3. I've been constantly deleting&reporting half my e-mail. Virus laden e-mail is usually sent using hijacked spam mailing lists, which are hijacked from virus mailing lists and other spam lists and message boards and guest books and website sweeps and...
    Thus, as I crack open the source code of some of these spam/virus mailings it reveals 98% to be from either UnitedKingdom or Canada, then I check where I've been posting and the percentages of user locations.
    Well, thats a right fine reason not to post messages anywhere.

    A recent attack on my unit was from an eschelon pop-under advertisement.
    The virus scanner heaved up two dozen warning messages against these dozen windows. I reach down and pull the phonecord out, then proceed to clean up.
    On day two I still could not restore control to my browsers' "homepage default" even after using all the methods I learned over the years, and had to web search for the "only tool" that deals with this particular hijack method.

    We're all just innocent bystanders as hackers terrorize software companies. This is the world of data terrorism.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    I love my Mac!

    (now if only there was a Macside decompiler...)
  5. Horus

    Horus Member

    I have had to seriously consider using a Mac since the inbox receives about fifty virus attacks a day. I have to use a spam filter, but I have to check it every day since it is not 100% and I have a business to run.
    I try to protect myself by following these guidelines.
    1. make regular backups
    2. ensure my virus checker is updated daily
    3. never open attatchments until I have virus checked them
    4. delete all "exe" "pif" and "scr" attatchments bar none.
    5. apply all the windows security patches

    It takes me about 15% of my Paperwarbirds time to keep my design PC secure. The alternative is too nasty to have to go through again, so I take the stoic approach that some script kiddie is going to nail me sooner or later and the only real protection is a good backup regime and an up to date virus checker.
  6. barry

    barry Active Member


    we keep a copy of everything that matters on a secure dump up on the internet, it costs a bit but it's belt and braces.

    it's a pity that some people only get their kicks from destroying someones hard work, a few kicks is what they need.

  7. brightform

    brightform New Member

    Virus protection - our solution.

    Hi all,
    Just to depart from modelling for a while, the following.
    We too are dependant on a sound PC for our daily work, a breakdown (which repeated itself on numerous occasions) is a disaster.
    We solved this by picking up a second PC with a lower processor (which made it much cheaper as everyone else tries to buy the biggest and best). We keep our DSL and internet work solely on this one PC and since then we have had absolutely no problems.
    Another hint is to use another browser (we use Mozilla) for the regular traffic which keeps the usual cookies away from Explorer.
    With regard to Spam mail, - we solved this simply by setting up a second email identity and found that all the spam lands up in the main identity. Because no one we know uses this address we can simply delete virtually all incoming mails and attachments without even looking.
    These are just layman tips but it works for us.
  8. ButchPrice

    ButchPrice Member

    Virus nasties

    All good planning brightform. The prevelance of the viral nasties
    continues to grow, and computer users need to learn basic security.

    The number one piece of advice I give out, is to switch browsers.
    Mozilla and its "Firebird" dirivitive are excellent browsers, and
    much more controllable than Internet Explorer. I have used both
    with smashing success.

    Another idea is to use a different mail application than Outlook.
    Gang, Outlook is a piece of JUNK. Use a text only mail reader.
    NO ONE gets a script past a text only mail reader. They don't
    run scripts.
    The other tip is to turn off active scripting.
    Active X is a fine virus delivery vehicle. Thank's Microsoft.
    Javascript on the other hand, (NOT JAVA),
    is VERY safe, as it is forced to run in a controlled space ( the "sandbox")
    and is unable to use system functions the way Microsoft's Active Scripting can. So enabling javascript is relatively safe, and it IS the de-facto
    scripting standard on the Internet. Works in nearly ALL browsers.

    I cannot understand why everyone seems to think they need
    html mail. A bad idea played out to congest your email with
    junk graphics and scripting.
    Your second email idea is good. I have done this for years, and
    have had great success. One is personal, and only given to friends and family. The other address is my public addy, and all my spam winds up there. I have got it down to where I can tell with reasonable accuracy
    what "sign up" activity spurred the spam now. Oh, and I LET THEM KNOW too. :twisted:
  9. barry

    barry Active Member

    virus nuisance

    I find Wingate and Norton is a pretty powerful combination to keep a lot of attacks at bay, we have to run for at least 16 hours a day so we are a sitting target, touchwood etc it seems to hold up. Still the only real way is backup and then backup again. Norton does spot a lot of email virus attachments.

  10. Horus

    Horus Member

    I have just negotiated a 10% discount on the purchase price of Spamweed, an anti spam filter.
    You will need the purchase code "paperwarbi" if buying the product from or form the "useful software" ling from my home page.


    I can't believe it's not plastic!
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