Virtual Tour of Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Greg K, Apr 6, 2006.

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    Thanks for the link. I would love to see the museum in person. Maybe we can schedule a upcoming vacation in Savannah.

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    Charlie, I'm glad you like it.
    If you like civil war era history, forts and ships Savannah is a great area to tour. Numerous intact civil war forts are in the area like Pulaski, Jackson and McAllister. Also the CSS Nashville aka The Rattlesnake was sunk near McAllister by the ironclad Montauk after running aground while attempting to back up the river after seeing the Union ironclads waiting just past Fort McAllister. It still lies on the Ogeechee river and parts can actually be seen sometimes at low tide. We have created virtual tours of these forts as well on my site at
    Thanks for your reply.
    BTW, the SOS Museum is awesome!

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