virtual reconstruction of the Viribus Unitis

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Renaud, Apr 1, 2004.

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    Renaud, Thanks for that link :) It has to be the most detailed 3d representation of a ship I've ever seen. The man is definitely talented.
    Links like this are wonederful in that they carry the reader on and on
    to new sources that last for hours. I've learned alot!


    That guy should team up with Roman of Digital Navy....what a team!
    This absolutely begs to be tranformed into an actual 3D item
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    That's excellent, Renaud ! I have the 1:250 JSC model of the Viribus Unitis, as yet unbuilt. I don't really like the rather garish green color of the kit (JSC has two versions, should've gotten the gray one !), but there's no denying she was a very handsome ship. If I ever get around to building it, that website will be invaluable. 8)
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    Good site! Render time must have been taken days. It's a mastery of virtual ship repersentation..., now to translate it onto paper....,

    Best regards, Gil

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