Virtual Reality Railroading

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Jetta Lewis, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Jetta Lewis

    Jetta Lewis New Member

    Hi, In about 2 or 3 weeks I will be building a Virtual Reality railroad on the internet. The area of ground covered will be 1,000,000 square meters and include mountains, rivers, cities, towns and of course hundreds of miles of rails and several hundred boxcars,pullmans, observation cars and both steam and diesel locomotives. The era will range from about 1890 (give or take 10 years) thru the 1920s for the most part with one area to be a modern city. I'm thinking that some pretty impressive trestles and tunnels can be built thru the mountain area. Think of the area as being a blank country and everything has to be put in place. Trees, rocks,waterfalls, rivers, homes...even the birds and butterflys. If anyone would like to help with this project you would be very welcome. To the eye all of the objects will appear as full size.
  2. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Several years ago I built a VRR using Auran's Trainz. It was neat and certainly alot easier than building a real layout, but it wasn't near as satisfying as the real thing. Something about walking in the train room and flipping on the light and seeing your creation in real life 3-D and knowing no matter what, hard drive crashes, power failures it would still be there and that you built and wired, engineered, scenicked and designed the whole shaaa-bang yourself. Ahhhhhh, the power of real creation versus virtual creation, sorry no contest, real wins everytime. Having said that that's just me, if you enjoy the virtual thing, go for it! I and plenty others will enjoy checking it out I'm sure. :)
  3. Jetta Lewis

    Jetta Lewis New Member

    Yes, I understand what you are saying, but I like to be able to walk over the hills and through the tunnels and watch the water going over the falls. And its satisfying to build a house by the tracks and talk with your neighbors while a steam engine chuffs on by. A model is nice, but a way of life is better for me.

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