Virginian and N&W locomotives

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Virginian, Jan 29, 2001.

  1. Virginian

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    I'm try to locate N scale diesels and steam for a evolving proto layout, ('50-65)
    I've searched on line catalogs and found a bunch of diesel offerings, but not much steam under those road "colors"...any one ouyt there have suggestions and/or proto information they'd care to pass along....I just got a great book on the subject,("The N&W,In Color") from my local train shop, Fulton Station, in Larkfield Ca., but I have lots of gaps to fill, and being in Ca., they don't carry much N&W or Virginian stock...except for the new 2-8-8-2 from HO...oh, for unlimited space and funds..
    Thanks and stay warm,
    Virginian (at heart)
  2. n man

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    good luck with the steam, it just does not exist that much, there will be more in brass, as far as the diesels, most of the manufactures make limited runs, there is still not a full ranges of locos yet, there are alot of gaps, and the roadnames are the same. I know the new Atlas trainmaster that was just reliesed, had the "virginian" roadname, try blw or nscale supply for these. Andy

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