Vintage 1962 Vac-U-Form vacuform

Discussion in 'Brick & Mortar Finds' started by B-Manic, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. B-Manic

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  2. cgutzmer

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    has anyone used this particular device? I am tempted....
  3. cmdrted

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    Chris back in the 60s it was da bom" but the machine is probably that old. The unit will heat up is a good sign but where they fail is the vacuum pump. The rubber seals crystalize and sometimes leak. I don't remember what the things looked like so replacements may be problamatic. The other potential downside is the overall size is @ 3" by 5", good for WW2 smaller canopies but larger craft would have to be made in pieces.
  4. nx13688

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    I've never used one, but I have heard the seals in the units probably dried out long ago. The set of molds with it look pretty sweet.
  5. Bowdenja

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    OK............ I've got one.............. and I had at one time a site that you could buy parts to replace anything that was worn out............but dang it I can not find the site now.

    You could also get the plastic sheets and they even had an aluminum pad you could place over the sheet to make the heating element work better.

    If I do find the site I'll post the link.

    The Vac-u-form machine will do a pretty good canopy, but Ted's way is just as good if not better because you are not limited to the small area of the old Mattel toy.

    I used the heck out of the one I had as a kid......................
    Can you imagine giving today's kids a toy with an exposed heating element, melting a plastic that sticks to skin like glue, when it's hot, oh and not to mention the toxic fumes that this thing put off from whatever got put on the heating element??!!.............

    Can you say..............litigation Johnny! That's a good boy!:grin:

    Boy these times have a been changing.............................for the worse.

  6. cjwalas

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    I had several of these modified for continual use. They don't last very long. The seals go bad, but are easily replacable. The problem is the plastic is old and weakens with age. I would build one from scratch before I bought another one of these. Just my opinion.
  7. Fishcarver

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    This gives me an idea for another "cottage industry", now that I have entered my so-called "golden years" on the left coast of Canada.....
    vac u former kits. Ted, if you are listening, I am not far away...

  8. cjwalas

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    With all of the available plans and kits for hobby vacuumn formers ont eh market right now, that may not be the most profitable plan.
  9. cmdrted

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    I don't know about the plans that are out there but the new age vacuform kits that are there are expensive!!!! There is a firm that makes a dandy set of boxes and a metal frame contraption to hold the plastic sheet but the cheapest I've seen is 100 + USD! And you have to use your oven as a heat source! The little box that I built and the frame to hold the plastic cost me @ 3.00 which was for the tile sealer and screws I used to put some scrap wood together. Everyone in their house or anywhere near a construction site can pick up a few scraps of wood and make a simple box. You have to drill one big hole and a bunch of tiny little ones and seal it fairly well and then come up with 2 masonite clipboards but what the hey, office depot, etc. have them for @ 1.00 each or your office may have a couple waitin' for liberation! Any house frau has a vacuum cleaner and a stove so there you have it. Jim maybe you have something there you can use for your golden years, good luck with it!
  10. yaniv

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    i also found this link and have avry nice models of cars and thanks
    (i must like the militery tracks )
  11. Fishcarver

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    I am just tossing ideas around. Look at Mission Models' Grab Handler!

    You are the vac man here!

    We should talk offline about this.

  12. B-Manic

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    Well if nothing else, the post generated some discussion :)
  13. 57townsman

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    Being a kid in the '60s was pretty cool:yep: I still have my Mattel Vac-U-Former. It worked fine as of four years ago. I used it for clear acetate canopies for flying models.

    By the way, all those cool molds will do you no good with the vac former. They are all from the Creepy Crawlers sets (had one of those too :grin: )

  14. RyanShort1

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    I've got one, too... Haven't used it for a while, but may have to pull it out and crank it up sometime.

  15. B-Manic

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    Are the vacuum seals gaskets? If so worn/leaky ones should be easy to replace.
  16. The-Jazzman

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    Funny... 20 years ago when I was building plastic scratch built models I built my own vacuform kit out of plexiglass wood and a shop vac.. Too easy to make your own..
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