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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Renovo PPR, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    I’m not sure why we don’t have more action in this thread. I guess there are more of the other people than the o gauge crew. The good thing is that Christmas is just 6 months away and that brings better activity for this forum.

    [FONT=&quot]Here is another video I call the Cross Over[/FONT]

    YouTube - cross over
  2. spankybird

    spankybird OTTS Founder

    Maybe it's just because of being SummerTime

    Here are a few pics of our Cross Over


  3. Anozira RR

    Anozira RR New Member

    Not sure what is ment by crossover as I see in the pictures submitted that a bridge crosses over a lower track. I have the impression that a crossover are tracks at the same elevation that intersect such as at 90 or 45 degrees.

    Anozira RR does not have any crossover intersections, but does have 8 feet of double track bridges made by 100 Year Bridge and installed in 4' sections, with ends butted for a contineous bridge span.

    See the still pictures and Ride the Anozira RR video at:
    I love airplanes
  4. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    Don't read that much into the words. It just meant here is a video of my trains a point one crosses over another. I think Spanky included both a true cross over and a train the crosses over by bridge.
  5. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    That's a crossing.
    There is a crossing on the lower level.
  6. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    Well then I have a facing cross over below the bridge. :)
  7. badgerys

    badgerys Member

    G'Day from Australia!

    Love Your trains and was wondering what sort of smoke units You use.I dont get that much steam with my live steamers.
    Run mainly O gauge from Hornby,Bassett Lowke,Maerklin Bing etc.
    My electrically driven engines would greatly benefit from a decent smoke unit.

    Kind regards

  8. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    I don't know about Spanky but I use JT Mega Steam Smoke Fluid. Here is a link and if when you see the Post War Lionel that is my locomotive.

    No I am not a member of the Mega Steam Marketing or company. I just mentioned that since I use his smoke fluid my Post War trains smoke like crazy. So he asked if he could use the photo and send me some smoke fluid to buy the rights to the photo.

    See Link ------> Mega-Steam Smoke Fluid
  9. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    No, you have a crossing. A crossover is an arrangement of two switches.

    Also note that "facing point" and "trailing point" correspond to the diagrams I showed only as long as trains run on the right-hand track. In, say, Britain or Japan, facing-point and trailing-point would be reversed.
  10. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    Actually I have two switches there you just can't see the other. The outside switched to the middle track that then switches to a siding. So you can cross completely over the middle track.

    What would that be?
  11. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    I'm not sure what track arrangement you're talking about. Do you have any photos of this area from another angle?

    There may not be a name - most arrangements other than the simplest don't have names.
  12. spankybird

    spankybird OTTS Founder

    BAdgrays - First I also use JT Mega-Steam fluid. I have for years and love it. The smoke units in all these engines are MTH. Some PS2 and also PS1. The 4-4-0 are all PS2.

    MTH units have two heating elements and are fan driven.

  13. badgerys

    badgerys Member

    Thank You very much for the answers.Will have a look at the Link for the steam fluid.I probably will have to contact a friend in the USA to get the smoke units as well as the fluid for me.
    There is another problem which I would like to ask for some info for.I do quite a lot of scratchbuilding in the gauges 1 and O and looking for powerbogies.I know there are a few manufacturers of those items but here in Australia the info is very hard to find.Google seems not to be a great help either,probably a matter of the search term.

    Kind regards from Down Under


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