Video:The new paragon2 N&W Y6B

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by GN.2-6-8-0, Feb 2, 2010.

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    Very cool!
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    Thanks for sharing. The Y6b is an important locomotive , truly the last gasp of steam. Your videos made me want one, (we are in serious need of massive power @ the club (see Bill and Tom's excellent adventure over in the logging mining and industrial section), and this looks and sounds like it will fit the bill.

    I ordered one, and lots of hoppers. I have no train budget or discretionary (indiscretionary?) left, but I'm stoked!

    Bill Nelson
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    In The House!

    I got mine! I haven't run it yet. I will test it on my logging shortline, but it will look pretty silly there. I cot it for use at the club (Bill and Tom's excellent adventure- over in the logging mining and industrial section).

    reading the review and the specifications on this monster the weight was a big selling factor, this locomotive is suposed to weigh two pounds. The sound was a big selling point. the sound in the video's sounded good. With the locomotive in hand I can see that it has two speakers under the tender. My Proto 2,000 USRA 0-6-0 sounds better than any of the other sound locomotives at the club. It has two speakers, and all of the other sound equipped locomotives have only one . On my home layout I am wedded to old fashioned DC. my tiny geared locomotives are all filled with lead to have enough pulling power to pull (push actually) trains up the 8.5% grades, leaving no room for decoders, much less sound decoders. For me it is sound that is the big payoff for DCC. at the club, we have DCC, So I'm going with sound wherever I can to make DCC a pluss, instead of a minus, due to it's occasional wierdness and the resulting frusteration.

    I was very pleased to see there was a manual off switch for the smoke feature (under the firebox on the fireman's side). smoke is cool looking, but I have seen O scale 3 rail layouts where smoke was regularly used, and the whole room reeked. I also understand that oil residue from the smoke can contribute to dirty track. There is a company that sells scented smoke oil, and I may look into that for open houses. ther is a DCC feature that can turn the smoke feature on and off, if the manual switch is off. all this seems very well thought out.

    Bill Nelson

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