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    Odysseus & Hot4Darmat:
    My math is worse! :D I'll do the scaling of the design to 333% this weekend and see how it looks... Not sure how you're going to get it printed though...
    Please note that the current textures will not be useful at any larger scale... Sooo... Do you want the clean shapes or with the atrocious textures?

    Odysseus: Interesting BSG idea... You gonna do it? :)

    My original idea was for this to be an ongoing project to do the entire Victory Battlegroup and Behemoth for starters, then WC-IV's Vesuvius, then all the other Cap Ships...
    Daring yet do-able.
    in theory.
    Unfortunately Real life and other projects is keeping this on the backburner indefinitely.

    Regarding the mesh, If I do use a mesh I got off the internet, I just use it as reference. Build my own mesh and apply the textures myself. With this victory model I cheated and just used the textures from the original model to save time.

    The Sheffield and Tallahassee don't look too difficult, however, as I've found with the Victory, looks can be deceiving... I'm tempted to ask you if you have their meshes, but with so much on my plate already, I won't be able to allot time to these anytime soon... :(
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    Any and/or all of these would be AWESOME. This whole series was a big part of my life for a while there. Loved it. The ships look deceptively simple and blocky as 3D models, but having tried the Victory, I know they're not as simple as I thought. Still, should be do-able. That Lexington looks so nice.

    I should get back to that Tarsus.....
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    Here's another one I wanted to make into a paper model but never got there....The beautiful Murphy.

    Oh and the Tarsus too for good measure.

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  4. ThunderChild

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    Man, that Tarsus would look so cool as a paper model!
  5. Hot4Darmat

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    Not to worry. The Tarsus will get done. I'm wrapping up a few other things, and have warmed it up in my WIP cue.

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